Enamel napkin rings from Jonathan Adler
Enamel Napkin Ring, $18 ea

Deb Willis from Jonathan Adler sent me these photos of the home furnishing house’s new enamel accessories line. Just a perfect bit of color and gloss for your tabletop, table, vanity or display cabinet, console or shelves.

How is it these pieces feel both retro and up-to-date all at the same time?

In olive green, dusty blue and burnt orange…Jonathan Adler has once again fashioned a collection that is colorful yet sophisticated.

Love them! The napkin rings and the teardrop shaped petal bowls are my favorites!

Enamel petal bowls from Jonathan Adler
Enamel Petal Bowl, $68 ea

Enamel serving set from Jonathan Adler
Enamel Serving Set, $78

Enamel picture frame and hexagon box from Jonathan Adler
Enamel Frame, $68 ea
Enamel Hex Box, $68 ea


  1. says

    I LOVE the enamel bowls – saw some similar ones at the One of a Kind show here in Toronto and regret not picking up the yellow 70s-inspired triangular shaped one for only $30!! Not too many people seem to be working in enamel these days but I loooove the look ….

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