Steel two shelf media cart with green powdercoat finish
cb2 – go-cart camo two-shelf table-media cart – $149 (Steel with green powdercoat finish. Casters)(above)

I like green things. I love avocado green things. I have green in my house…feel like it is a good earth color but a color nonetheless. Blends well with almost anything. In furniture and accessories, I think this shade of green works!

Green geometric wallpaper from Flavor Paper
Flavor Paper – Cycloid  Wallpaper – $250 per roll (Green geometric wallpaper.  Each roll 27″x15′) (above)

Lakarri Curtain from Anthropologie
Anthropologie – Lakarri Curtain – $208-268 (Comes in varied lengths) (above)

Capiz Lotus Candle Holder made of natural shells from Luna Bazaar
Luna Bazaar – Capiz Lotus Candle Holder – $13.95 (Made of natural shells. Grass green color.  Used with votive candles or tealight candles)(above)

Green Pierre Sofa from Z Gallerie
Z Gallerie – Pierre Sofa – $1299 (above)

I think I could use that media cart for something or another…or the green sofa could work too!

Do you like this shade of green? Or do you hate it? If you like, where are you using it in your home. If you hate it, do say why!

Happy Tuesday!



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    This is a lovely shade of green…love it, but as a child of the 60’s, we come with built-in prejudice to the term “avocado green”….think kitchens…ug. This, on the other hand is delish!

  2. says

    I love this shade of green and I’m currently looking for a rectangular storage ottoman in this colour….in Canada…hmpf! Thanks for letting me know it’s still “in”!

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    There are few shades of green I DON’T like! This is one of my favs. My house exterior is green, many of my interior walls are green… I LOVE green!

  4. says

    I love all the pieces – Green seems to me making somewhat of a comeback in interiors at the moment too. It also makes me wish these places shipped to Australia without costing more than what you order!!

    x Sarah

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    Love this green! The cb2 piece would look great in my son’s bedroom. I would tuck some baskets with toys in the bottom shelf and have him use the top for setting up action figure adventures! My guest bedroom is this shade of green, so I absolutely give it a thumbs up!

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    I have to admit, at first I was like, oh no, Avocado green? really, like in all the hideous appliances in my parent’s kitchen growing up (yes, oven, stove and fridge!) but then I saw that couch and now I’m like hmmmm…..

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