Modern family room with dueling white armchairs, a long dark ottoman being used as a coffee table, black book shelves and light wood paneling concealing a television
Room #1 – Light colored wood paneling conceals a television in a modern family room.(above)

So when I used to think of wood paneled rooms…I thought of a stodgy library in an English country side home.  A dark place with lots of books and leather club chairs.  This wood paneled room that I imagined was also a place where men smoked cigars, took care of the estate’s affairs and held private manly meetings.

Well now, in the real world and today, I think of wood paneled rooms very differently.  Love the modern take on using wood.  I like it.  Wood can warm up a room but the room doesn’t have to be dark, stodgy, or cigar smoke filled at all.

Here are 5 wood paneled rooms.  I want to know if any of these appeal to you!

A dining room in a European ski chalet with rustic wood boards on the wall, rustic wood floor, bench style seats around a wood table with red and brown blankets and pillows
Room #2 – A dining room in a European ski chalet with rustic wood boards on the walls. (above)

A sleek eclectic den with large wood panels applied to wall, a grey sofa with three accent pillows, a grey armchair, a large patterned area rug on a wood floor, a wood coffee table divided into four sections with woven ottomans under each section, encasement windows with floor length cream curtains
Room #3 – A sleek eclectic den with large wood panels applied to walls. (above)

Cozy bedroom with knotty light colored wood paneled walls with a large piece of modern art depicting three fish in a fishbowl
Room #4 – Knotty light colored wood paneled walls in a cozy bedroom. (above)

Dining room with grey stained wood walls, a wire chandelier, four carved wood chairs, a farmhouse style wood table and black and gold poka dot banquette seating
Room #5 – Grey stained wood walls in a dining room area with a built in banquette seating.  (above)

So which one of these wood rooms appeals to you the most?  I think I like #1, #2, #3 the most in that order.  I want to hear what you think.  Do you even like the idea of a wood paneled room?  Do you have one in your house…if so, what is it like?

Happy Friday!


Photos: Mali Azima; Cote Maison; Ali Schwartz; Tracery Interiors; Phoebe Howard


  1. Anonymous says

    One of my pet peeves in a tv room set up in such a way that most of the chairs are not facing the television (and are not on a swivel). In the case of your first picture, even the couch is too far away from the TV. It looks like a set piece, not an actual room for living.

  2. says

    I’m not a huge fan. All of the upstairs rooms in our home have them and I find them a bit too “country” for my taste…I love them in the second picture – a ski chalet – but I think that’s where they should remain! I guess it’s because we live so close to the Alps – I can see them from Munich on a clear day – so everyone here loves them…but it’s definitely not my thing!

  3. says

    #1 hands down. Wood paneling needs matching wood moldings and architraves. Definitely makes a room much more classic and elegant. And giving it a contemporary twist by concealing a flatscreen is brilliant. I so wish I had the money for it in my own house!

    PS – Congrats on the Katy Perry following! X

  4. says

    Love #3 and #1. We have similar paneling in our living room (plus a giant stone fireplace), and I’ve been trying to visualize the styling in anything other than country. These have given me some great ideas!

  5. says

    Wow, the paneling in #5 looks EXACTLY like my living room! I am renting which means I cannot change it. So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to decorate around it. This gives me great ideas, and also makes me feel better knowing that I can make it work :)

  6. Anonymous says

    I’m looking for ideas to cover the double sided brick fireplace in the center of our home. We have vaulted ceilings and dark wood beams. Thanks for the inspiration!

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