living room with a gray sofa with gray and black acecnt pillows, a side table full of books, a stool being use as a tiny coffee table and tall windows

I like this space. Nothing to it. A gray sofa, white walls and white washed wood floors, nice natural light, some books and nothing else.

A reminder that you don’t need much to make a space look good.

What do you think? Too simple for you? Or just right? Please weigh in on the comments below!

Happy Friday!


P.S. Running off to a 7:45a breakfast with a friend!

Photo :Petra Bindel

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  1. Vicki says

    So very similar to my own home. I've 'done' lots of looks over the years and keep coming back to minimalism as the way I like to live best. I do like a nice sheepskin or cowhide tho!

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