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    Like? No love, love, love your fab chair! I see a furniture line in your near future. Hope you’ll be able to rent out more office space cause you’ll definitely need it when you start getting orders for chairs and stools and ottomans and headboards!!

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    Yes me like, and love – but it surely has more to do with the whole fab set up of the a white desk, gorgoeus cushions on the shelf, it just all “works” doens’t it! I’m jealous too!

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    Thank you, Coco! I really like the white but black might be a better choice in my space. Any chance you make it in a black lacquer finish?

    Happy Holidays to you :)

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    I absolutely adore your office! Can i beg you to tell me where you found your desk? I’ve been looking for a design like it.

    The chair is so fun, I also love that you put a dark square shade on the eiffel lamp and one can never go wrong with a chandelier LOL.

    Looking forward to seeing more photos of your spaces!

    Karen O.

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