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 Bobby Flay celebrity bathroom Moroccan cement tile floor modern tub glass shower

This is celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s kitchen and bath in his Hamptons home.  Two rooms…two very different styles.

Small bits of his summer home are featured on Elle Decor’s website.  I chose two rooms with a bit of bold design to show you.

I was immediately attracted to the cement Moroccan tiles on the master bath floor.  Daring, whimsical and pretty I think.

Then there is the turquoise kitchen with a gray slate backsplash.  Not a room for the shy in decorating at all!  A cheerful conversation piece room for sure.

Bobby Flay celebrity turquoise kitchen grey backsplash pendant light
Turquoise blue kitchen in chef Bobby Flay and actress Stephanie March’s Hamptons summer home. (above)

What do you think of either of these rooms?  Like or dislike?  What inspiration would you dare to take away from these spaces.  I want cement tile floors for sure in my bath…you?

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Anonymous says

    hummm………a dramatic contrast in styles……..like the bathroom tile but not for a bathroom, love the color of the kitchen cabinets but not the floor or backsplash, the place looks like his decorator quit in the middle of the project and he finished it himself…….

  2. Anonymous says

    The tub is a must! Love the idea of turquoise cabinets but not what I&#39;d choose for my own home – a light, bright space though!

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