living room with painted wood floor tiles
Painted wood floor tiles! 

Today I am starting a new franchise on COCOCOZY…it is called CURRENT OBSESSION.

These amazing painted wood floor tiles from Mirth Studio in South Carolina got me so excited! I didn’t know how to categorize them in my post headings. These wood tiles are so pretty and so innovative that they were certainly not worthy of being categorized in one of my regular sections like  COCOCOZY DESIGN FIND or RANDOM STUFF I’M LIKING or a DESIGN IDEA…these tiles started a COCOCOZY franchise…CURRENT OBESSION.

I got an email the other day from Mirth Studio owner/designer Sally Bennett. The minute I clicked on the link, I knew Sally was onto something genius.

Sally, a former NYC decorative painter/textiles designer/club designer, moved to Charleston, SC with her family. While renovating a brand new house, she came up with the brilliant idea of creating painted wood floor tiles. She and a manufacturer worked closely together to perfect the technique of mass producing digitally printed wood tiles that look like hand painted wood floor tiles…with a 25 year warranty! So after a year of of development and 100 designs later (Sally is an artist…so she creates all of her designs)…Mirth Studio was born!

The 12″x12″ tiles are made out of engineered wood and can easily be installed into a home or apartment or mansion or villa or loft. At one point this year, I had considered adding geometric design cement tiles to a room in my house…the fear was they would be too cold and hard to walk on. I abandoned the idea and went with plain old grey/brown stain wide plank white oak floors. If I had known about these tiles back then, I would have most definitely used them.

Enough of my chitter chatter…take a look at these pretty little tiles that make me dream of finding a place to install them!

mirth studio wood floor tile

mirth studio painted wood floor tile

yellow mirth studio painted wood floor tile

What do you think of my CURRENT OBSESSION?  Is it yours too?

Oh did I mention, I spoke to Sally too…she’s super nice and very creative.  I see big things in her future!

If you are interested in these lovely painted wood floor tiles, contact Mirth Studio at the below:

Mirth Studio
telephone: 866-519-7727

Happy Tuesday!


Photos: Clay Austin; Rick Rhodes


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    Wow! The floors open up all sorts of opportunities for pattern on pattern play…Just delightful! Thank you for the new source. We are currently working on a residence with blue and white patterns with blue and white ceramics and colorful rugs on a white background, but it would be fun to introduce the patterned wood floor in the office or home theater, just for the uniqueness factor. I like the scale of the patterns in small spaces. Will send you a photo if we get it approved…

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