Sunroom Designs

Sunroom Designs

A sun room designed by Philip Mitchell was sketched out first then realized into a bright sunny space with lots of windows and views.

I like a nice sunny space with lots of wrap around windows, lots of light and a good cheerful vibe. Sunroom designs should have a bit of charm and coziness. I like the idea of a space that brings the outdoors in. On a hot summer day, for those of us who watch how much time we spend in the sun, a great breezy sun room can be just the perfect spot to park with a good book or magazine and enjoy the outdoors.

Sunroom Designs Dining Room Garden Views

Sun Room Designs Breakfast Nook

Kitchen floor to ceiling windows

Kitchen with garden view windows doesn’t quite fit the sunroom definition with windows all around…but the floor to ceiling windows do the trick.

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  1. Anya says

    Sunrooms are just amazing! So full of light, and energy. You have to feel good just looking at the pictures. :)

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