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Living room with sofa upholstered in Lulu DK's Chant fabric in chocolate brown, a white shag rug and Arco light

I like this sofa. Love seeing one of my favorite patterns all over a stylish and comfy looking couch. I know…I know…it is expensive. I can’t help it. I dream in multiple zeros.

Sofa with tapered legs upholstered in cream and brown trellis pattern fabric from Pal + Smith
Pal + Smith – Madison Sofa – $7630 (Custom sofa with tapered legs. Upholstered in “Chant” cream and brown trellis pattern fabric)

Chant Fabric swatch in white and chocolate brown
Lulu DK – Chant Reverse and Chant Fabric (Linen/cotton blend. Hand printed. Shown in white an chocolate brown)(above and below)
Chant Reverse Fabric swatch in white and chocolate brown

I have two pillows in this Chant fabric (the red print) that I bought years ago from Lulu de Kwiatkowski herself when she was first getting started with her pillow line (she had a pillow party one Sunday in the winter probably almost 10 years ago…it was at her posh Upper Eastside apartment in New York…I somehow was invited by her then boyfriend (now husband) and with nothing better to do at a pillow party, I bought pillows). My colors have changed so I have my Chant pillows tucked away but am holding onto them because I love them so much.


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  1. Oh gosh…that is fabulous. I love the overall shape of the sofa, but when you add that pattern…it makes the sofa even more irresistable.

    Jana Marie

  2. Is the recession over? Yes it is a pretty sofa, and I buy expensive fabric and hard wood frames with great cushions, but I’ve never reached that price point. It takes a lot for 7G’s to make me pull the trigger. It would be an antique Welsh dresser.

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