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Red Pagoda Chandelier from Pieces
PiecesRed Pagoda Chandelier$1750 (Newly painted red-orange semi gloss. Custom made antiqued candle sleeves made from pipe. Pagoda design style.)(above)

Loving bamboo chandeliers…found one on eBay for a friend a few weeks back and she won it…she painted it white. In particular loving the Pagoda chinoiserie style of these faux bamboo hanging lights. Very 1050’s, 1960’s…glamorous Hollywood (Hollywood Regency) or Palm Beach chic.

They come in metal, painted metal (tole), wood, resin and many other faux bamboo forms and they come in a wide variety of colors!

Am more partial to these chandeliers, pendants, lanterns and lights in bright white…but maybe you could buy one of these and then paint it.

Here’s today’s mega COCOCOZY CHEAP TO CHIC:

Glossy black bamboo chandelier with raindrop crystals from Arcadia
ArcadiaWorld Imports Bijoux Transitional Chandelier$340 (Black raindrop crystals glossy black finish)(above)

Vintage green faux bamboo chandelier from Mid-Century antiques
Mid Century AntiquesGreen Faux Bamboo Chandelier$950: Height: 20, Diameter: 22. (description)(above)

White bamboo chandelier from Pieces Inc.
Pieces Inc.Faux Bamboo Chandelier$1100(Faux bamboo arms. Newly painted white semi gloss. Mini pineapple motif on bottom)(above)

Pagoda Lantern from Fantasy Lighting
Fantasy LightingPagoda Lantern $1170 (above)

Red bamboo chandelier from Fantasy Lighting
Fantasy LightingRed Bamboo Chandelier $1235 (above)

Green bamboo lantern from Fantasy Lighting
Fantasy Lighting Green Bamboo Lantern$1287 (above)

Red Tole Pagoda light fixture from Brunelli Design
Brunelli DesignRed Tole Pagoda Fixture$1500(above)

Vintage Mid Century Vermilion chandelier from C.Bell
C.BellMid Century Vermillion Chandelier$1650 (above)

Vintage 1960s Brass Faux Bamboo Chinoiserie Chandelie from Lewis Trimble
Lewis TrimbleBrass Faux Bamboo Chinoiserie Chandelier $1800: (Decorative faux bamboo chandelier made from solid brass most likely from the 1960s. The chandelier has been rewired and had new candle covers added.)(above)

What do you think?

P.S. This may be the beginning of LIGHTING WEEK on COCOCOZY. Am stressing the “may” here … stay tuned and see…

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  1. Yes, yes! Lighting Week!!

    These bamboo chandeliers are wonderful. The one with the mini pineapple motif made me run to google and see if pineapple chandeliers exist. A quick image search produced scores of them, including a Tiffany-inspired stained glass, several crystal, a huge one in a South Beach hotel, and a website with a whole section of tropical-themed lighting.

    My dear, you have illuminated a whole new area of possible obsession for me!

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