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Photos by Coco of COCOCOZY

Blue living room with Steve McQueen painting, French doors, large area rug, cream colored arm chairs and a lucite coffee table

So, fab friend AT was in L.A. from London this last week. It was so great seeing her. She helped me launch the COCOCOZY textiles collection last January by flying to NY and working the trade show booth with me. She is one of my best friends.  So imagine my delight when she came to Los Angeles for well over a week over the holidays.

Anyhooo…AT was staying with an old friend of hers at his lovely home…he is a Hollywood screen writer. One day last week, when I went to pick AT up for our morning uphill walk up Runyon Canyon (I usually take the safe paved path right up the middle of Runyon Canyon…not the treacherous dirt paths with 90 degree declines… that’s why I just call it an uphill walk as opposed to a real “hike”), AT offered up her friend’s house for photos for COCOCOZY. She claimed she had spoken to her friend and he was down with me photographing his living room space.  Well so, I started snapping photos.  Only because I am a stickler…I did email her friend all of my photos and he was indeed thrilled with the way his house looked and said I was absolutely fine to use them here on COCOCOZY.  So here we are…

AT’s friend worked with interior designer Jeffrey Hitchcock on this 1920s Spanish style house. AT’s friend’s goal was to create a colorful environment not typical of most guys…he says “I wanted it all to look bright and happy, not dark, woody, and predictable”. The home’s design is a mix of eras with a lot of 1920’s influences.

As a film writer, I love the fact that he brought his passion for movies into the space. AT’s friend found the painting of iconic actor Steve McQueen from the movie Bullitt in London.  That painting along with the “Some Like it Hot” movie book on the white Frances Elkins chair all personalize the space and show off AT’s friend’s passion for movies.

I think the blue hues with the pale yellows work.  A nice change up for a space designed for a man.  I like.  So here is today’s COCOCOZY EXCLUSIVE…inside a Hollywood writer’s home!

Painting of Steve McQueen with a Ford Mustang from the 1968 movie Bullitt
A painting found in London of actor Steve McQueen with a Ford Mustang in the shadow from the 1968 movie Bullitt. (above)

Close up of lucite coffee table with an eglomise finish and curved top, stacks of books and two candles in start shaped candleholders
A lucite table with an eglomise type finish and curved top reminds of vintage furniture from the 1920’s. (above)

Glossy white Elkins chair with bright orange upholstered seat with a copy of "Some Like It Hot"
A bright orange upholstered seat on the a glossy white Elkins chair designed in the 1930s adds nice pop of unexpected color into the living space. (above)

Bill Wilder's "Some Like it Hot" book from Taschen on a chair with a bright orange cushion
Bill Wilder’s “Some Like it Hot” book from Taschen makes a nice decorative statement on the chair. (above)

I love the Steve McQueen painting for some reason…it is awesome.  I like this space for a guy.  Really nicely done.

What do you think of this living room dear readers?  Do you like the move writer’s touches?  Do you think this is a guy space or would it work for a girl too?  Do tell!

Thank you AT’s friend.  You are very sweet to allow me to take these photos!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Thrilled to announce that as of yesterday (or the day before)…there are now well over 40,000 of you who follow COCOCOZY Facebook! Thank you for the “like”! If you are not following along on Facebook, pleease do…you’ll get daily updates and more in your news feed! 40,000 COCOCOZY Facebook fans…wooohooo!!!!

Photos by Coco of COCOCOZY

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  1. I have to agree that this is a “wow” space for a man, especially a writer. I love the paler colors and the furniture pieces, such as the white chair and coffee table, that have a little curve verve to offset the more masculine couches. The film references are great too, without being kitschy or overwhelming. Good job!

  2. I love this living room for any gender – the rug, the furniture, the decor all work together so well, but don’t feel too fussy. The colors are restful and almost elegant. I could live in this room, but it would also be impressive for guests.

  3. Love the early Hollywood feel of this room. Blue & white with a pop of orange provides a nice clean, comfortable space for both genders. However, if I was designing for a woman, I would replace Steve McQueen with a painting that has a bit more color and definitely another pop of orange to balance the chair.

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