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All photos in this post courtesy of Massucco Warner Miller
Bedroom by Massucco Warner Miller with an orange upholstered headboard, orange and cream striped curtains and a zebra print bedskirt

Got to thinking about the color orange as the New Year approaches…reason being is that my mother always makes us each eat an orange for good luck I think in each New Year. Need to ask her why again…she’s on a plane traveling back from Paris tonight…so I’ll quiz her tomorrow and find out what the scoop is with the New Years oranges. Meanwhile, I think it is somewhat amusing that for all of these years I’ve dutifully eaten the orange or tangerine or orange colored citrus at New Years and have no idea why. I always zone out after the New Years best wishes and just follow suit with the orange tradition. My sister DS loves this tradition as well. I guess I could ask her what this orange business is all about…?! Hmmmmm…..will be buying oranges tomorrow just in case…will force the group I’m going out with tomorrow to all consume an orange right after the clock strikes midnight. I’ll see if any of them follow along as I have for years without questioning. I will try to report back on meaning of tradition and whether or not I can turn non-family member New Years revelers into clueless followers just like me. (This is how I amuse myself….yes…this is…)

Anyhooooooooooo…yooohoooo…back to decor.

San Francisco based interior designers Julie Massucco, Melissa Warner and Carrie Miller of design firm Massucco Warner Miller created these delightful bedrooms. All perfectly suitable places of slumber and rest and all with just the appropriate dash of color in the orange family (tangerine, coral etc.). Orange is judiciously used in headboards, drapes (or curtains), bed skirts and in trim and upholstery. No orange overload here…just the right amount of this vibrant color to add some zing to these rooms.


Bedroom by Massucco Warner Miller with orange and cream striped curtains, a white armchair with matching ottoman and an orange accent pillow

Bedroom by Massucco Warner Miller with coral roman shades, bead skirt and and accent pillows, grey graphic print carpet and a taupe and white headboard

Bedroom by Massucco Warner Miller with orange x-benches at the foot of the bed, grey armchairs, curtains and upholstered headboard

Bedroom by Massucco Warner Miller with blue and white lattice print wallpaper, dark blue curtains, white upholstered headboard with navy trim and coral accent pillows

All photos in this post courtesy of Massucco Warner Miller

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  1. Great color and wallpaper.

    Happy New Year, Coco. Orange you glad you don’t have to eat black-eyed peas like the rest of us?

  2. My favorite color is orange and when I saw your flower arrangement on COTE DE TEXAS I just had to seek you out and get a better look. It is so funny because before Xmas I had purchased my first artifical green roses with baby’s breath at Hobby Lobby not knowing there were real green roses. After Xmas I added these tiny, orange flowers that look like they might be growing on the side of a road in Texas, where I live. Now I want to find some little artificial oranges or lemons to put in the base of my vase like you did. I love your blog and will try to sign up as a follower!

  3. Love love love the pops of orange!! I am so crazy for orange these days. And that last photo has always been one of my favorites and has inspired custom headboards that I’ve designed in the past.
    Thanks for the eye candy!
    Emily @ Material Girls

  4. Yum! I love orange! I am drawn to it in the summer mostly. I especially like the graphic wall in the last photo. I’m on the look out for adding pops of colors to my oh so neutral house. It’s time for it to be happy!

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