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Master bedroom with black, white and yellow wall mounted "headboard" made of floral wallpaper and left over crown molding
Photo: Style at Home
Master bedroom in black, white and yellow with a wall “mounted” headboard made out of floral wallpaper and left over crown moldings.(above)

Huh…who would have thought that the color combination of yellow and black could actually be really elegant and highly stylish? I didn’t before now. Usually, when I think of combining these colors I immediately think of an insect…in particular..a bee. Not anymore!

Fashion and interior design …on the same page it seems when it comes to these two colors. These rooms and these Oscar de la Renta looks with great skirts, jackets, tops and scarves have convinced me that yellow and black is back and “a la mode”!

Two photos of models from Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall Collection 2010
Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall Collection 2010 (above)

 Master bedroom with black and white harlequin patterned upholstered bed and yellow accents
Photo: Caldwell Flake
Touches of yellow add a bright color lift to a master bedroom with black and white harlequin patterned (diamond) upholstered bed. (above)

Do you like yellow and black together…? Do you think it works in these rooms or for these clothes? What is your favorite color combination?

Lots of questions for you!

Hope you have a fab Wednesday!


P.S. Can’t believe I am starting to write about fall already. Time flies!!!! Will have to do something fresh and summer related tomorrow to try to stop time!

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  1. Ooh I am loving this yellow and black idea! I think a little bit of gray would soften it up too.Inspiring!

  2. Yellow and black, and even more so yellow and gray, has been huge on the stylish wedding scene for about 18 months now. I wonder if the wedding industry is influencing fashion and home decor with this particular color trend…

  3. I have always loved the brightness of yellow and black although it reminds me of a bee also…but Ilove cute little bees! To soften the look, choose gray and gold. I have done two master bedrooms in this color combo and it is gorgeous. Works so well with all metals and you might be surprised at how many fabrics are available in this color combo.

  4. I’ve always loved this combination! Glad to see it making a resurgence!

  5. I cringed when I first read the title of this post. The photos changed my mind though. The yellow and black are really elegant and beautiful.

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