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Minimalist white living room with a white sofa, brown armchair, handwritten scribble on a wall, natural wood board ceiling and wood floor

Handwriting on a wall…a good design idea I think.  Penning a personal touch literally and figuratively speaking onto any vertical surface in your home. Personal graffiti of sorts!

Above you see some seemingly handwritten scribble on a wall in a rather minimalist white living room.  That and the fabulous natural wood board ceiling add character to this otherwise blank canvas.  Love this room.

Below, blogger and interior designer Gwen Driscoll chose to leave the handwriting on the wall in her office/den. The previous owner of Gwen’s home hand painted passages of Homer’s Odyssey onto the paneled walls!  Too wonderful to paint over, Gwen and her family have enjoyed this personal touch in their home!

Den with hand painted passages of Homer's Odyssey onto the paneled walls
Adding much character and whimsy, literary mainstay, The Odyssey by Homer, is hand painted onto the wood panel walls in this home. (above and below)

Close up of the hand painted text in the den

I love this idea of putting pen or paint to wall to hand write out something that could mean something personal to you…but that could also end up being a wonderful design element.

What do you think?  Like or dislike?  What would you write on your walls if you had the chance?

Happy Thursday!


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Photos: Trendser; Gwen Driscoll of Driscoll Design Group

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  1. I once visited a couple who let their guests write on their bathroom walls. It was surprisingly inspiring to sit there and read all the previous notes and trying to come up with something worthwhile to write, ha ha!

  2. I do like this idea, and I have just the space to try it out! I was thinking of hanging subway art here, but maybe something more personal and handwritten instead. And welcome to pinterest! It’s very addicting. 🙂

  3. This reminds me of grade school: “I will not write on the walls, I will not write on the walls” 100 x. I don’t think this is for me..

  4. LOVE it! It’s a way of putting either random thoughts, funny verses, or meaningful sayings on an unexpected place. It really adds a personal touch!

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