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Best of friend AM and I just had a discussion about whether a black and white tiled floor is too bold for a beach house.  I know…we could be discussing Russia and the Ukraine, or missing planes or the economy or Justin Bieber (ooops….scratch that last one)…but instead we are debating and deliberating over black and white tiled floors.

I love a classic checkered floor in black and white with tiles laid on the diagonal.  An optical illusion making the space seem bigger and the adding visual texture to a room’s decor.

Might consider this for a bathroom, foyer or kitchen I think.  Is it bold?  Yes.  Could I live with it day in and day out?  I would say yes.  In the right space.

What do you think?

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Beautiful! Timeless!!! I certainly would not mind it in a foyer, but the house has to be architecturally correct for it!

  2. I love them so much I put black and white(calcatta marble with black granite) in my 1/2 bath and laundry room(rooms directly across from each other with a hallway of dark hardwood in between). I will not tire of this look—it definitely opens up the rooms, and was a great replacement for the tired original linoleum that was in my home.

  3. Oh, I totally think you could put it in a beach house. I love the idea of having the b&w tiles, which feel elegant and classic, mixed with a more beach-y vibe (unpainted woods, whitewashed walls, rattan…) It would really change up what we’d expect to see at the beach!

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