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Street style photo of a woman in  floral print dress holding a blue Prada floral saffiano purse

Was sifting through cool street style photos by photographer Tommy Ton and I came across this fashion highlight…a woman wearing a floral dress carrying a very cute light blue Prada floral handbag. Love the boldness of pattern on pattern…flower on top of flower. I think it works in this specific fashion instance…tres stylish…very chic…

When flower on flower is in the home…it tends to feel a bit more traditional.  I like the boldness of taking pattern mixing risk though.  Traditional with a twist.  What do you think?

Bedroom with foliage wallpaper, floral lampshades and a hydrangea on a vintage nightstand
A bedroom with foliage wallpaper, floral lampshades and pillows and real hydrangea on the bedside table! (above)
Ashley Whittaker mixes florals in her design of a Park Avenue apartment foyer and nighstand
Designer Ashley Whittaker mixes in floral layering into her design of Park Avenue apartment. (above)
Blue bedroom with upholstered blue and white floral sleigh bed and matching wallpaper
A blue bedroom with an upholstered sleigh bed and wallpapered walls incorporates flower on top of flower. (above)

Love this purse…must consider…

Prada Floral Print Saffiano Satchel Purse
Prada Floral Print Saffiano Satchel Purse – $1650 (above)
Prada Floral Saffiano Wallet on Silver Chain
Prada Floral Saffiano Wallet on Silver Chain – $710 (above)

What do you think? Do you like the inspiration look with the floral purse and dress? How much floral print layering works for you in home decor.

What do you think about the bags…like or dislike…should I splurge on the small one?  Help!

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Yesterday I was going to a fab dinner at a newer restaurant in Los Angeles right after work. (Was invited by the wonderful Katherine Power, Hillary Kerr, Mat Sanders and Courtney Wartman from the very chic Who What Wear uber fashion website). I left work in a pretty basic outfit but I had a sparkle top and a cute Prada jacket (stolen from sis DS) in the back of my car. It was dark out (thanks to the time change), so I decided to pull over on a side street in Beverly Hills, pull up the privacy shades in the back seat of my SUV and change into a little sparkle so that I could feel somewhat stylish with the fashionable Who What Wear folks. Well I got into my back seat, pulled up shades on windows and successfully slipped out of my work top and into the aforementioned outfit. I was running late. So immediately pulled on the door handle to get out and realized I was locked into the back seat! I reached into the front seat pressed the unlock button and then pulled on the back door handle again and I was still locked in, I tried the right side door and that was locked too…then I reached over to the front door to see if the lock was up and that was down…ARGGHHHHHHH! So there I was, trapped in the backseat of my SUV with a sparkle top on and a Prada jacket….a jogger passed by, I considered yanking down the privacy shade and screaming HELPPPP!   Hmm….couldn’t figure out how/why I was trapped in my car and I certainly couldn’t find my keys anywhere of course. I panicked a little when I imagined some rescue team using the jaws of life to pry open the doors and get me out of my car. Once the panic subsided…I took a deep breath and realized…I wasn’t entirely locked into my car…only the back seat…hello…child locks…I do not have children so it is curious to me why those locks were on…I of course had locked all of the doors including the front when I pressed the automatic unlock button so that explains why the front doors were locked too.  I did go to school and at one point was considered smart at an early age….clearly…that time has passed.  Unfortunately, my contortionist skills are not quite what they should be so I spent some very awkward moments climbing into the front seat trying not to puncture the seat leather with my impractically tall heels. Oy va voy. Needless to say I missed the cocktail hour but made it to dinner. Well there you have it.  Note to self…do not use car as a changing room.  Note taken.

P.P.S. Have another dinner tonight with some friends. Am looking forward to that. I will wear another sparkle top. This time I’ll change at the office!!

Photos: Tommy Ton for; C Magazine; Ashley Whittaker; Thomas Loof

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  1. Your locked in the car story is great! I once got locked into a courtyard at my mother’s house with very tall (and non-scalable) walls in the sleet in a thin leather coat! I agree that floral often tends to look more traditional but I really like the Ashley Whittaker green floral wallpaper. And the Prada purse, of course!

  2. I love the small bag and that is a hilarious car story! Oh child lock!

    Traditional with a twist can do wonders! It can really make a space feel chic and classic if used the right way. I am actually beginning to love florals more and more. Florals are also great if you want to create a vintage / feminine look. Using pale pinks and blues, white and gold accents. Viola! Pastels are the ‘in’ thing anyway! We just created a blog for ourselves ( and you are a great inspiration to us.

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