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Green living room with a gallery wall, taupe sofa and woven baskets doubling as side tables

If you have been considering adding a collection of photos, drawings, art, paintings or prints onto your wall, there are options for your look.  Either a an organized arrangement of different sized wall art or a very symmetrical no bending the rules version.

Today I bring you two little living rooms…both feel very fall.  Dark greens, browns, rich textures like velvet, suede, cane, patterns … both feature gallery art walls behind classic sofas.  The wall above is a wonderful mix match of photos, prints and clearly collected items.  The living room below has a more tailored gallery wall with uniform framed botanical prints.

Which do you prefer…?  This or that?

Living room with a gallery wall, green velvet sofa with nail head trim and a globe

Happy Wednesday!


Photos: Source Unknown; Harper’s Bazaar


  1. Love both for different reasons…. But if I had to choose I would pick the 1st one as it has a very warm and inviting feel

  2. I love the first photo for its willy-nilly arrangement, but the second one’s sofa is totally awesome!! That green velvet is simply scrumptious and the globe….I could swoon for days over that globe. So if I had to choose, the 2nd one, but it’s a hard decision to make… Thanks for posting these, I’ve been working on my own gallery wall above the sofa in my living room re-do. I appreciate the great inspiration!

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