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Living room with blue walls, dueling white sofas with orange accent pillows, and a blue and white geometric rug

Simple one today…I like this room…blue and white done just right! (sorry for all of the rhyming…LOL!)

Colorful, simple, playful with clean lines. Nice living room! I actually love the blue and white zig zag chevron and diamond two pattern rug and the wonderful white slipcovered sofas. The dusty dark blue walls are quite nice too along with the very subtle pops of orange in the pillows and flowers.  LOVELY!

What do you think friends? Love, like, neutral or dislike. Do tell!

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Had a nice dinner out last night – nice views, good company, very loud wait staff (felt like they were yelling every time they spoke to us), good food…check out COCOCOZY Twitter to see where.

P.P.S. Also loving the new TradHome online magazine…the brand new joint venture between Traditional Home and Lonny magazines. Very nice. Would be even nicer if a COCOCOZY pillow or throw had been featured.;-) Biased clearly.  I managed to make it through with no COCOCOZY in sight and so enjoyed it…guess I can be unbiased…maybe…maybe not…maybe?  So many great online magazines out in this last week…between Trad Home and High Gloss Magazine (where a COCOCOZY throw was featured…yup.), have been busy catching up on the latest in design and decor. I like!

Photo: Diane Bergeron

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  1. I don’t think you can go wrong with this color combination. I love the shade of blue on the wall and the contrast with the brighter blue on the chevron rug!

  2. I love it! My sunroom is white, blue, and orange but light walls. The dark walls are perfect for the living room here. And the light I have over my kitchen island (smaller size, two of them). Whoever this room belongs to, must be my soul mate!!

  3. I love this room and the pop of orange. I did see the throw featured in High Gloss! Exciting! ūüôā I agree with loving the new design mags- Trad Home is beautiful and different from others. I liked the video interview between two great designers!

  4. Not my favorite room but I love your blogging style and the fact that you’re successful with no formal design background. I too love decorating and anything to do with making a home attractive. Just starting my own blog, hope I can find a voice that readers enjoy as much as you. I’ll post a link to your blog. Wishing you continued success!

  5. I love this room. I did a a post on blue rooms today, too, right before I got the email about your post. Blue is such a calm and soothing color to use in homes….I especially like the gray blue in this room

  6. I would rate this a 9 out of 10..only thing that bothers me is the coffee table is way too small for the room and for the scale of the two oversized sofas otherwise love the vibe, and the great colors and patterns used!

  7. Love your Blog! The room looks so symmetrical, except for the light fixture hanging over the one sofa, it looks out of place and my eye keeps going to that lamp..

  8. Love the room!
    I would have preferred a larger coffee table and that beautiful fixture to be centered.

    Regardless, I’m a fan of the room…I also have white slipcovers sofas in my family rooms with paler (BM Beacon Gray) walls. Always a classic combo!

    I’m dying to know where you can find these rugs!! If anyone knows, please share:)!!

    PS~I’m new to your blog…I love it and your gorgeous throws and pillows!

  9. recently, I’ve been really in love with this mixture of deep saturated blue with neutrals and orange! The addition of the rust/orange in this pic makes it feel more layered. I might through in some old school brass instead of the silver, but I love it.

  10. I do like this room. The rug is definitely a huge focal point. BTW, I am really in love with your pillows and throws. They are beautiful.

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