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All photos in this post by Coco of CococozyExterior of Colcha in Venice Beach, California
Exterior view of Colcha in Venice Beach, California (above)

So as of late, every time I am in Venice I find myself wandering into this wonderful home furnishing store…Colcha.

Right in the heart of all things cool in Venice on Abbot Kinney, Colcha is an amazingly well edited home furnishings and accessories shop with an array of original and stylish finds for the home. Wonderful pillows, unique furniture and an array of chic accessories, makes this store a playground of sorts filled with delights for anyone who is interested decor.

Three things about Colcha:
1. Do not take a guy to Colcha – Men don’t understand what happens to women when they encounter a shop filled with beautiful decor delights. Two different times, I have taken men (one guy I liked and one who is a friend) to Colcha. Each time, I have literally left these poor fellows standing dumbfounded in the middle of the store by themselves, as I dashed about touching, caressing, examining, admiring, and commenting on everything in the store. Twice now, I have been tapped on the shoulder by a guy who said “I am leaving” and twice, I’ve looked at these guys and said “Okay”…completely content to be left in Colcha zigging and zagging about the store. Sorry guys!
2. They know how to flatter at Colcha/good place for an ego boost – On my first visit to Colcha, Lauren who works there found out that I had a blog from my friend CB. Lauren proceeded to call over the owner of Colcha, Sue Cowie, and say “Oh my gosh, Sue this is Coco. She has that great blog Cococozy. The one I was showing you today. Your blog is beautiful”. Last time I was in Colcha, Sue herself said, “I was just on your blog this morning.” Love Sue and Lauren! 🙂
3. They have a cool collection of John Robshaw bedding at Colcha (see below) – Love John Robshaw (ikats, block prints fashioned on prints from around the world)…love the selection of bedding at Colcha.

Casamidy Opera Side Chair with white leather seat and back and a white metal frame
Casamidy Opera Side Chair – $975 (From Casamidy’s Varenne line. White leather and white metal frame) (above)

Decorative hemp screen printed pillows
Archival Decor Pillows – $245 for 24×24 (Pillows are constructed of hemp on the front panel, cotton velvet on the back panel. Filling is a down and feather blend. Images are screen printed on the front panel with a very dark sepia brown, water based ink.) (above and below)

Decorative hemp screen printed pillows

Rope Table Lamp at Colcha

Rope Table Lamp – $395 (above/below)

Close up of the rope base on a Table Lamp at Colcha

John Robshaw Bedding collection at Colcha
John Robshaw Bedding collection (above and below)
John Robshaw Bedding collection at Colcha

John Robshaw Bedding collection at Colcha

If you are ever in Venice…this store is a “must stop by”…here’s the info:
Colcha Home
Sue Cowie
1416 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, California 90291
T: 310 392 3600
F: 310 392 3604

By the way, I LOVE that Casamidy chair…it’s been around for awhile but it never gets old…also love the Louis XIV Chair in the Varenne Line too…modern classics!
All photos in this post by Coco of Cococozy

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  1. I love that lamp.

  2. We love Colcha!! And so happy to find your blog– think it might get us into some trouble…
    We just launched a website and blog that are more travel/lifestyle focused but give Colcha a shout out in our “Black Book” section. Spread the love!
    Mary and Lucy Firestone

  3. I agree with Shannon, not with all men would you have this problem, and the same goes for women… some women I’ve taken to design shops would rather be looking at mountain climbing gear!

    This shop looks great a I will file for future trips… if I cross the Mississippi, I usually don’t stop until I hit the Pacific, and Venice Beach is a favorite destination. Thanks for the tip!


  4. Yes! I went in for the first time a few weeks ago and it was love at first sight. I know exactly how you feel about going in with a man. I went in with my husband and I sensed his boredom almost immediately, so we left. I definitely could have stayed longer.

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