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On the left an exterior view of a barn home. On the right the dining room in barn house with colorful glass pendant lights over a round wooden dining room table with wooden chairs
A grouping of colorful glass pendant lights hangs over a round dining table in a barn home. (above)

Happy December!  I say this in a shrill voice and with my teeth clenched with a faux smile.  I love December normally.  I love the holidays, seeing family and going to all of the fun parties.  This December however is still going to be filled with all of those lovely holiday things…plus I begin the sprint towards January and all of the trade shows where I show the COCOCOZY textiles and home furnishings collections to buyers in Atlanta and New York.   Oh so much to do in so little time.  Lots of new offerings, new designs, a big new booth at the New York International Gift Fair just two doors down from all of the big guys like Matouk and Sferra.  Yikes.  I’m scared and thrilled all at the same time.  Is that possible?

KS (who loves all things pink) is Associate Operations Manager for COCOCOZY and she’s helping a lot…but there is so much to do.  Oh did I mention I keep being thrown wonderful curve balls of great opportunities during this time…I want to accept them all but I don’t think I can do it.  Can I do it all?  Can I?  Hmmm…

Need to motivate and just stay focused.  I am so enjoying this crazy ride of COCOCOZY so I can’t focus on the challenges of getting everything done…I just have to focus on the end goals. 

Sorry I’m giving myself a pep talk right here on the blog.  Hope it doesn’t stress you out dear readers…hope it inspires a few of you to follow your dreams.  I hope you know that you can do it too…whatever you put your mind to…you can do it. You just have to do it. 

Go team!

Anyhooooooo….so much other stuff to talk about today…but let’s start with these photos.  Two dining rooms…barn style dining rooms.  The one above seems to be in a fabulous barn converted into a home…the second is a modern style dining room with modern rustic touches.

Which dining room do you like better?  #1 – the dining room in the actual barn OR #2 – the modern dining room with the clear lucite zig zag chairs, modern farmhouse table, twig style chandelier and interior barn doors all barn inspired modern style.

Which dining room…THIS OR THAT?

Dining room with clear lucite chairs, a long, thin, reclaimed wood farmhouse style dining table and a modern chandelier in the shape of a branch with wood sliding doors leading to the kitchen
Barn chic gone modern with clear lucite chairs, a long skinny farmhouse style wood dining table and a modern chandelier. (above)

Now onto this stove below…sorry for the zigging and zagging today…but that is the way my mind is working!  I LOVE THIS STOVE.  It seems like it is in a barn type of kitchen with rustic exposed beams and great reclaimed wood floors.  I can’t tell whether the stove is vintage or a new design…an all in one unit with ovens, stove top, storage and more.  I love the lines the mix of the stainless trim and the white metal.  LOVE THIS.

Close up of the all in one stove unit in a rustic kitchen that's a mix of stainless trim and white metal

Okay…so please comment and let me know what dining room you like best.  I’m thinking I like the first one the most.  Secondly, if anyone knows ANYTHING about this lovely stove or has seen anything like it before…please comment and do tell!

Happy December 1!  Happy Thursday!


P.S. Last night was at dinner hosted by Luxe Magazine at some new restaurant called SUR here in Los Angeles (I later found the restaurant is owned by that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills lady Lisa Vanderpump…she was there before I arrived…my friend AM would be jealous if I had gotten to see her…I know, I’m not 10 and neither is AM but she still would have been jealous…!!).  The dinner was in honor of the opening of the Greystone Mansion’s Maison de Luxe…a showcase showhouse where all of these fab California designers all did rooms.  Ran into many blogging friends like Nicole from So Haute, Paloma from La Dolce Vita,  Marisa from Style Beat and new friend Jennifer from The Peak of Chic.  Made another new friend Jennifer from Kravet. Then saw all of the chic designers who designed rooms at the Greystone Mansion including Mary McDonald, Oliver Furth, Wendy Schwartz and Kristi Bender from Wendy Schwartz DesignJiun Ho, Jamie DrakeRon Woodson and Jamie Rummerfeld from Woodson & Rummerfeld and so many more.  What a lovely night!  Tonight we go to Greystone to tour the home and for gala reception.

P.P.S.  Gala reception opens a whole other can of worms…like what will I wear?  Think I will steal a black D&G dress from sis DS…gotta love having an older sister who is really kind and generous and who doesn’t mind me pilfering things out of her closet!

P.P.P.S.  Was just spell checking and saw that I used the phrase zig zag or some derivation there of twice in this post.  Well now it is three.  šŸ™‚

P.P.P.S.  Forgot to remind you…the 25% off sale in the Random Stuff section of the COCOCOZY Shop is still going on!  Select goodies are on sale…worth a browse I think!

Photos:  Bjorn Wallander

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  1. I have to say that I like the first dining room better – the light coming in through the windows, the view and the overall feel – although I am not a fan of the lights hanging above the table – perhaps it needs a little something more to the scale and materials of the space?
    I truly love your blog and your “go get them” attitude is super inspiring especially after just having started a blog of my own. I love reading your posts every day and love your passion for design which you bring to each one.
    Thanks for the inspiring reads!

  2. I agree. The juxtaposition of the lucite chairs with the rustic table is a refreshing site. I love the stove as well. Reminds me of one that my grandmother had growing up.

  3. I guess I’m not loving either one totally, but there are beautiful elements in both. But that stove, oh the stove. GORGEOUS!!!

  4. I love the first one – and I love all the lights over the table — gives me ideas — now trying to figure out how I can ‘convert’ the cool garden glass I make into light fixtures — Brenda Star Studios

  5. i love your blog! so glad i found it. i also have a love for interior design! check out my blog and follow back if you like it!
    best, Liz

  6. I have that stove (mine’s a mirror opposite…oven tower is on the left). It’s a Magic Chef from the 1930’s and is pretty great.

  7. I think I would go more for Traditional, but that’s just the girl I am. I love these barns you’ve found? Where are they? Any in the Mid-East Coast?

  8. Those stoves are amazin. the Stove of my dreams. You can find them for sale, just check to see if they have been converted to gas at all and if not if the oven is electric or wood…if its electric have it checked out or convert the whole thing to gas. This is if it is an original antique not a replica.

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