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This is what wood kitchen cabinets look like today.  Gone are the stained cherry, oak, mahogany carved or raised cabinet door fronts of old.  The new look for wood cabinets is a modern rustic raw wood look.

Non glossy finishes, real wood tones and colors highlighted.  The reclaimed wood look is in.  So is the modern country look with wood paneled door fronts.

You remember what those stained wood cabinets looked like in the past?  What do you think of this updated look of kitchen cabinets?

I like the first kitchen with the bead board like paneled cabinets.  Which is your favorite (if any)?

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Forgot to mention, had a fun night the other night at a party for Domaine Home at chic fabric showroom Harbinger here in Los Angeles.  I brought TE with me and met up with CM who runs all things operations at COCOCOZY.  Have a connection to both Harbinger and Domaine.   The COCOCOZY fabric line is carried by Harbinger and COCOCOZY is featured on the bottom of Domaine.  Ran into the fabulous interior designer Joe Lucas who owns Harbinger, Mat Sanders Editor extraordinaire of Domaine, Nicole Gibbons of So Haute and Christian May of Maison 21 blogs so many nice others (like Typhanie Peterson).  Was a fun evening.  Also got to show off the COCOCOZY fabric collection to TE as our line is carried by Harbinger! It was lots of fun.  We ended up at some party for Veranda where there were two people in leotards doing interpretive moves and acrobatics.  Very interesting indeed!

P.P.S.  Big partnership announcement for COCOCOZY tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  So excited to tell you all.

P.P.P.S.  My favorite foyer from yesterday is the first…keeping it simple! FYI!

Photos: William Hefner; Bates Masi; Light Locations; Studio Plan

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  1. I’d quite happily surrender my dream of painted cabinets if I could have beautiful pale, raw wood ones like these. Now, if we can only convince the men that wood cabinets do not have to look like they were designed in the ’70s!

  2. I am so glad you did a post about wood kitchens! I’m a little tired of white kitchens (especially since the own in my rental house is white)…so, I hope we start seeing a lot more of this natural wood!

  3. Love it! I just got some liming wax to try to replicate this look on some old furniture. Hope it works!

  4. I love the first kitchen and I’ve always had a preference for non-lacquered or glossy surfaces so this new look is perfection to me! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

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