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Room with a blue sliding barn door opening to a hallway with a writing desk and wood wall

Love an interior sliding barn door. Great alternative to a pocket door if for some reason your home’s architecture will not allow. Also, these doors are great space savers…no need to worry about a door swinging open and taking up room. I have rigged up a few in my house…the Hollywood Hills version…some white paneled doors on some very basic barn door sliding hardware that we covered with a wood valance. See this post showing the door in my tiny Hollywood Hills cottage (wall color is way off for some reason in that photo of my den…walls look yellow they are actually a muted Ralph Lauren khaki/tan color…please excuse).

Anyhoooooo…back to this photo. J’adore (as my friend Jennie O. from San Francisco would say)! The color, the setting, the way the door is such an integral part of the making the decor so cool.

Would you put an interior barn door in your house? Why or why not? What is you ideal door and interior door color!

Happy Thursday to you all!!


P.S. Oooohh…almost forgot to mention another fab COCOCOZY FACEBOOK ONLY GIVEAWAY again tomorrow…two Facebook giveaways in one week! This time my partner is Seattle based tottini – a very posh children’s store owned by friends Melissa Maffei and Melissa Van Flandern. We’re giving away a great decor item for you and your kids (or nieces or nephews or god children). Stay tuned!

Photo: Meyer Davis Studio Inc.

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  1. great photo and i love that color on the door. Barn doors are actually a really creative way to add some character to any room. I have a slider likes yours in our farmhouse and it really makes the room. Doors need not be old chippy paint doors as you can create the look without the old barn door as well.

  2. I LOVE barn doors too! I even bought a big old pair once in London and had them shipped over without knowing where I would use them. I had the shipping container booked anyway so I thought, what the hell, someone’s going to love these doors! Miraculously they ended up working PERFECTLY for a renovation in Sun Valley – as if they were custom made for the space-
    I’ve also used some as a headboard.
    I love this photo, BTW.

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