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Hallway with black and white painted in horizontal stripes, 8 engraved portraits in gold octagon frames and an art deco metal stool with gold cushion
Hallway painted in horizontal stripes in Le Catch blogger and fashion editor Marlien Rentmeester’ s home (above)

Yoohooo dear readers…one of my dreams came true…I found someone amazing to guest post on fashion here on COCOCOZY! Woot woot!

Long story short…friend and interior designer Alison Blumenfeld sent me a link to a new fashion blog called Le Catch the other day…it is fabulous…turns out Le Catch is written by Lucky Magazine’s West Coast Editor Marlien Rentmeester. Without knowing a thing about Marlien (I didn’t even take the time to read the “about” section of her blog), based on the content alone I immediately emailed Alison asking her to put me in touch with Marlien. I then emailed Marlien, we had a brief chat on the phone and without a blink I asked her if she would guest post about fashion and design here on COCOCOZY. She said yes…and here we are…

I love what Marlien does because she curates amazing stylish looks…great design ideas for the wardrobe!

Today…I am thrilled to bring you Marlien’s first guest post – Stripes Galore….! Woohoo!


I have never met a stripe I didn’t like. They’re ubiquitous in my wardrobe from my casual Breton t-shirts to luxurious cashmere knits. I even love pairing different striped pieces together. So, it should come as no surprise that stripes have horned in on my home. In fact, I recently painted a dark, small hallway with black and white horizontal stripes (pictured above). The result is eye-catching and timeless. Same could be said of this stripe (on stripe) ensemble below. The trick to combining stripes is to make sure they vary in size and share a similar color palette. I also like stripes with other prints, such as florals, tribal prints, animal patterns or even polka dots. Stripes are anything but boring!

Striped black and white knit sweater, striped gold and black skirt, red lipstick, black heels with mesh details and a pink and red palm tree print bag

1. Michelle Mason cashmere sweater, $315,
2. Samudra Pink Coconut Pouch, $60,
3. Alexander Wang mesh booties, $570,
4. Burberry Prorsum raffi-weave skirt, $795,
5. No. 7 Poppy King Lipstick Number Three, $10,


P.S. Noticed how I added yet another print into the stripey mix?


I absolutely love the sweater and the shoes. I love the skirt and bag too.  So I guess I love it all.  Which stripe do you fancy?

Thank you Marlien for a fabulous guest post!  Can’t wait to see more of your fashion perspective here on COCOCOZY!

This guest post just made my Friday!

Happy Friday to you!


P.S. Press alert – COCOCOZY on DAILY CANDY!:  A COCOCOZY cotton knit throw is featured on Daily Candy’s luxury gift guide – Deluxe Gifts for Giving!  So excited to be featured and among good company with luxury brands like Frette, Hermes and Ralph Lauren.  This little press tid bit made my week!

P.P.S. Remember that cold I was fighting?  Well it won the battle.  So annoying.  Next time I’m going to win.  This cold better watch out and not come back again this winter!  Aside: I think I might be delirious…here I am talking about a common cold like it is a person…oh dear…help me please.

P.P.P.S.  Must think about what I am going to wear today.  With all of this fashion talk…feel like I have to look extra cute. Hmm…what to do…maybe a stripe? šŸ™‚


  1. Great Kitchen! And love the navy and white logo throw!!

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