Apartment Decorating Ideas – Small Bedroom Headboard


In a small apartment, I think you have to pick and choose your “design” opportunities. Too much color, pattern, print, clutter in a small space is overwhelming. Today I bring you a sweet but simple small apartment decorating idea. Pick a printed headboard and style around that. See this bedroom for example. Completely blank walls, ... Read More

19 Modern Dining Room Tables – Metal & Wood

Dining room tables have been on our mind lately as my boyfriend TE and I work on remodeling the house we found in Malibu over a year ago.  Although our move should be just a few months away,  we have paid little or no attention to how we will furnish the nearly 4000 square foot house on a hill with ocean views.  We do however have two dining room tables! While on a business trip with a detour in France, TE sent me pictures of few very unique modern tables in Paris that he had found ... Read More

Tour Demi Moore’s New York Apartment – $75 Million Listing

During my daily chat with best of friend AM today, as we were talking about jobs, life, family and friends she blurted out,  “Demi Moore is selling her New York apartment for $75 million.  You should put it on COCOCOZY now”.  I replied, “Demi Moore? What?  Is it pretty? How does she make enough to ... Read More

Chic Wood Napkin Rings – Shop Monday


The answer is: stylish wood napkin rings!   Just yesterday, my boyfriend TE and I were having a conversation about appropriate host or hostess gifts. Why we were chatting about the proper host or hostess gift to bring to someone's home, I have no idea? But we were. Even though we both have a million things on our minds, the question of the day was "What do I bring if I am invited to someone's house for dinner?" ... Read More

Malibu Home Remodeling Project – Kitchen Framing Video

Okay...another installment on the Malibu Home Remodeling Project that TE and I have been working on for the last year. This is the house that TE and I are going to live in with his son. This week, TE and I visited the house to have a meeting with our contractor GB. We were there to discuss finances and check out the progress. When we walked into the front door, with our spreadsheets in hand...we were blown away because the kitchen breakfast "nook" foundation and framing were up. A room that was once dark with low ceilings and was actually the home's master bedroom...was now transformed with the framing out of the kitchen.  We are still deciding on the floors (we were going to do cement but now that the space appears so large...we will probably just carry over the wood throughout)...and we will be using Caesarstone for waterfall kitchen island counters. ... Read More

8 Best Dresses for Spring & Summer – Fashion Forward


Ever since I started the COCOCOZY Pillow Collection back in 2011, I became that girl who is not a huge shopper.  The reason for this shopping void is that between my day job as a business executive, my blog, and my home furnishings collection business, I do not have time to seriously shop for clothes on a regular basis.  Now that TE and I are totally renovating a house in Malibu and with the need to see my mother and sister and friends from time to time, I am officially classified as "not a shopper".  No time to find clothes to wear at all.  (Okay...I did go online the other day and I bought this cute James Perse cotton military style jacket and a Missoni top that looks like a shorter verison of this dress on sale the other day before Easter...but that was a rare excursion) I can dream though.  I can dream of high fashion and beautiful dresses and dream of the time to lounge around in those high fashion and beautiful clothing.  This spring I dream of wearing the best dresses around.  Imagine, shopping from the runways of Paris and New York.  I would look for feminine, sleek, sophisticated and comfortable as far as dresses go.  Well as I said, no time to shop...so this post is me dreaming about the best dresses around! ... Read More

11 Kitchen Sinks – Modern High Design

Today, the focus is the kitchen and kitchen sinks.  As my guy TE and I work on the full home remodel of the new place in Malibu, I have been dissecting all aspects of every room in a home. We have chosen a super wide double stainless steel sink.  Yes, we will be using sink sound dampening ... Read More

Modern Country Cottage Dining Room – 7 Design Essentials

Love this modern country cottage dining room designed by Muskako Living up in Canada. This look comes from lake cottage up in Canada and speaks to everything that is quaint country cottage style.  Here is some decorating, design and shopping inspiration to get this look! *** 7 ESSENTIALS TO CREATING A PERFECT MODERN COUNTRY COTTAGE DINING ... Read More