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11 Melamine Plates

My goal this summer is to utilize my outdoor patio for more dining and entertaining (still can’t believe after posting this one about my patio that it has lived so many lives!), which means naturally I need to invest in some great outdoor dining pieces. Enter Melamine plates. This material is durable, on trend, and versatile for any Read More

Party Planning 101 – Guest Post

Happy Thursday! DS Guest Posting today! I’m filling in for Coco today and covering Wedding and Party planning! It occurred to me recently that I pop up on the blog to share my favorite cocktail dresses or front door style tips every so often, but I have yet to share one of the best parts of Read More

Cement Tile Floors – Spanish Apartment Style

No fear of cement tile floors here in this Spanish apartment.  This cute bright vacation home belongs to Danish designer, Tine Kjeldsen.  This updated rustic 3 bedroom apartment is located in the center of the city Palma on the island of Majorca (or Mallorca) which is a part of Spain in the Mediterranean.   Majorca is Read More

11 Fringe Shoes – Cheap to Chic

In case you didn’t know, Fringe is in! Last week’s Cheap to Chic focused on an overview of an entire outfit inspired by Missoni and my tropical vacation to the DR. Check it out here if you haven’t already! This week…it’s all about those fringe shoes! I am still a big fan of these fashion Read More

Elvis Presley Home – $30 Million Dollars

Was perusing through real estate listings in London for some reason yesterday…and somehow happened on this house in Beverly Hills.  Makes no sense right…London…Beverly Hills.  My mind works in mysterious ways so just roll with it today and don’t ask questions…because…this strange thinking pattern of mine lead me to this story… today I bring you Read More

New – COCOCOZY Bedding Collection – All Modern & Wayfair

Today is an exciting day! I am officially announcing the launch of the COCOCOZY Bedding Collection for All Modern and Wayfair! A few years ago when I launched the COCOCOZY rug line for Capel Rugs it sparked the idea for a bedding line and it has been a goal and dream of mine ever since. All Modern Read More

Missoni Dress Fringe Sandals – Cheap to Chic

Today’s Cheap to Chic is M Missoni inspired! This is a look I wore on my fabulous Dominican Republic vacation. I curated this outfit to show off some of my favorite things to be honest, and in the process I realized, not only is this a great outfit to dress up or dress down, it Read More

7 Nail Trimmed Headboards

I am constantly dreaming up the next iteration of my bedroom furniture and recently I re-discovered my love for the Nail Trimmed Headboard. It’s clean, minimal, and depending on the shape, it’s just the right blend of feminine lines and masculine detail. This idea took me down a path I couldn’t return from..a good two hour detour Read More

Modern Rome Apartment

This is a wonderfully built modern Rome apartment. The home is an older building in the center of Rome. Design and architecture firm Quincoces Drago & Partners crafted the space and furnished it. Using architecture classics like arched doorways and windows, and adding visual texture with herringbone wood floors plus integrating clean flat surfaces throughout Read More

Birdcage Toile Pillows 50% Off – Pattern Watch

Happy Tax Day Friday! In honor of it being April 15th, which marks the final day to file your taxes (just in case you did not know and are just realizing the national tax deadline is today), we are for the first time ever putting one of our pillows on sale for 50% off. . Read More

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