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Zuber wallpaper mural in a breakfast nook with a round redwood table, red leather upholstered Louis XIV chairs and a black chanderlier

Am obsessed with wallpaper murals as of late…really only as of this last week when I saw some at the Winter Antique’s Show here in NYC.

So when I saw this Zuber wallpaper in an Architectural Digest feature on actress Brooke Shields’ NYC apartment, I was captivated and intrigued.  This is a concept that could either go terribly wrong or actually look quite regal…in this setting the lush forest scene works in this space.  I also like the black chandelier as a bit of contrast in the room.

I wonder where I might use a wallpaper mural in my home?  Hmmmm…wallpaper for thought! šŸ™‚

Do you like or dislike?  What do you think of these large scale wallpaper murals?  Is this something you could ever see using in your home…if so, where…if not, why not?

Happy Saturday!


P.S. Hopping on a plane and headed home!

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  1. I have always lusted after these hand painted wallpaper murals. The only reason I don’t have this in my own home is the staggering expense — MUCH more than regular wallpaper, not just for the product, but on the installation side as well. I love this look for dining rooms, master baths (especially when it’s a chinoiserie inspired mural with cherry blossom branches and birds), or above wainscoting in a nursery.

  2. I love this wallpaper and murals in dining rooms. My grandparents had it in their apt when I was growing up. Don’t think I would have the guts to do something so permanent though!

    ps – so fun to meet you and see your gorgeous booth at NYIGF!

  3. Close childhood friends of my grandparents had Zuber’s “Eldorado” on their dining room walls, I loved sitting at their table…and always wanted it for our dining room

  4. I love murals! I can see one in the sitting area of my bedroom, the entryway or even the master bathroom. Ofcourse, I am only imagining scenes from Tuscany for my murals. Such a warm and welcoming feeling šŸ™‚

  5. This dining space is stunning! I too am in love with wallpaper murals. Oh if I didn’t live in a rental!

    Please check out my little vintage shop full of great home accessories!

    HR Home

  6. In the “old days” (as in 100’s of years ago) these wall murals were painted onto very heavy paper or fabric impregnated paper. The murals could then be attached to the wall and then removed when the person moved to a new residence. It seems to me that today one might permanently affix a mural to a painters tarp or canvas. Then, attach grommets at intervals along the edges. Screws with decorative heads could be used to attach the tarp to the wall. While not fancy, this would give one the opportunity to take the tarps with you when moving. An alternative would be to adhere the murals to wall panels that would also be taken with when you move.

  7. JUST wonderful! This room is amazing! Totally loved it! The chandelier is in a great classic style, the chairs are well carved, the colours are harmonious and the wall paper is really delicated and coherent with the rest of the room! Such a nice picture!! I’ll try to write something in my blog too about dining rooms!!

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