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backyard patio with woven porch swing

I love a good porch swing. A place to relax…to gently swing back and forth…reading…thinking…dreaming…watching all that goes on outside a house…the perfect spot for the weekend.

I like these two porch swings.  The woven one above made just for one seems to look out onto a cute backyard…and the bench style porch swing below that can squeeze two people on it definitely provided views of a nice tranquil green lawn in the front yard of an island home.  I took the photo below this summer in Nantucket.  It is on the porch at the house where I stayed with best of friend FF and her family. So wonderfully relaxing.  Hmmmm…on the list of must haves I think…a porch swing!

bench porch swing in the front yard
Photo by Coco of COCOCOZY

Would you add a porch swing to your must have house list? Or is there some other outdoor perch you prefer?

Happy Saturday!


Photo: Light Locations; Coco of COCOCOZY


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