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What’s Inside the Rue Magazine article?

“Los Angeles native Colette Shelton, aka Coco, wears a lot of hats. She’s a design blogger and an entrepreneur, she’s got her own line of rugs and textiles. She’s the star and executive producer of a short-form documentary series that’s streaming on Amazon Prime, COCOCOZY Design House, that follows a renovation project in the Hollywood Hills. Wait, there’s more: She’s the founder of Chirpyest, an innovative digital shopping platform, and has partnered with home accessory favorite etúHome on a beautiful collection of kitchen accessories, all with a signature COCOCOZY spin. She was named one of Forbes’ Top 30 Influencers and, if you ask Coco, this is just the beginning.”

You’re one of the OG design bloggers. How did you get started?

“I love being an OG of design blogging. It’s so amusing to be called an OG of anything; I proudly will embrace the title! I started blogging in March 2008. There are no pictures in that first post—just words. I read it now and it makes me tear up. In that post, I set out my intention to explore the world of design and I did it, I just started.

I think, in life, so many times we feel we have to prepare to start a new project or endeavor. I didn’t really think about it, I didn’t have a detailed plan, I just started writing and sharing and learning. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me—taking readers on a journey, empowering them to learn about design and hopefully challenging them to live out their dreams—all through a little interior design blog!”

COCOCZY has a very distinct look. How do you describe your style?

“People always ask me this question. Someone said I should have a pat answer like ‘coastal modern with a twist’ or ‘French country inspired,’ but my style is uniquely COCOCOZY. I like to layer patterns and textures, and I love mixing styles and finding cohesion between old and new. When you see a COCOCOZY room, you know my touch has been there.”

You recently launched a new business, Chirpyest. What can you tell us about it?

“Chirpyest ( is a shopping platform allowing anyone to shop, share, and earn cash back. The basics are that anyone can join for free and earn up to 15 percent cash back on purchases from top brands. The twist is now that now these same everyday shoppers can share their shopping finds and earn more cash back when their friends, family, or followers purchase from their suggestions. My goal is to democratize influence.”

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