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Living room with a blue sofa with light blue exposed legs, tan accent pillows, a fireplace with a large gold framed mirror, light blue walls covered in art

My good friend and award winning event planner extraordinaire Yifat Oren invited me to dinner the other night at her lovely Hollywood Hills home that she shares with her wonderful husband Jonathan Cutler (Jonny) and their cute children. Having planned some of the finest weddings and events in the world, Yifat has an incredible sense of style and I often consult with her about all that is interesting in decor and design and I love dining at her home!

So, naturally, after “savouring” a wonderful dinner prepared by Chef Cece, we sat down for an evening chat. I think the goal was to be just like normal people and have a normal conversation. Of course, that didn’t happen. Yifat and I were only focused on design. Poor Jonny…he wanted to have a regular adult dialogue…where people actually talk and learn about what is going on in each other’s lives or talk about issues in the larger world around them. Yifat and I were narrowly focused and only wanted to talk about our latest furniture finds, decorating and design ideas. Anyhooo…about two hours into trying to wrestle us into other conversation areas (like politics, world events, business, literature etc.), Jonny gave up and went to sleep. That left me and Yifat to start our virtual hunt for cool design finds on her computer.

All of this to say, that night Yifat introduced me to the new CASAMIDY website – a site I had not visited in over a year. She had ordered a gorgeous mirror for her hallway from the Mexico based furniture company and had become a die-hard fan of the company. That night she converted me. I have always loved CASAMIDY…had featured some of their items sold at Colcha Home in Venice Beach but I didn’t know the extent to which I loved CASAMIDY until that night.

CASAMIDY is owned by the talented husband and wife team Jorge Almada and Anne-Marie Midy. Their new website, revamped earlier this year, is filled with a trove of furniture and accessories treasures. As if Yifat was giving me a tour of her own home (clearly she had spent a bit of time on the website), she deftly guided me through all of the wonderful pieces and photos on Casamidy’s site…which include fabulous accessories, lighting, furniture and even some INCREDIBLE apartments and homes (some are even for rent). One glance and I was hooked!

So, in what might be one of the longest COCOCOZY posts ever, here are 10 REASONS I AM CRUSHING ON CASAMIDY:


Room in a Paris apartment with a wood writing desk with a wire chair and white cushions and chest of drawers, a sisal rug and large french doors
CASAMIDY’s beautifully decorated Paris apartment on Rue Conde for rent for approx. $950 weekly (above and below)

Coral hallway with a white door in a Paris apartment

Living room in a Paris apartment with yellow Louis XIV chairs, a sisal rug on a wood floor, a coffee table with metal legs and a wood top, fireplace and built in bookshelves

White bedroom in a Paris Apartment with decorative plates on the wall and an 18 century metal and blue Venetian headboard
An 18 century metal and blue Venetian headboard in the Paris apartment’s bedroom (above)

Two mirrors-one a star the other tulip shaped in a room with brightly painted walls

Star mirror in turquoise
Star mirror in turquoise, iron (above)

Black and white Almidi Mirror
Almidi Mirror (above)

iron and metal mesh chair
Monique Side Chair, iron and metal mesh (above)

wingback chair with iron base and upholstered seat and bac
Ixelles Chair, wingback chair with iron base and upholstered seat and back (above)

Chair with white leather straps make up seat and back, painted iron base
Altavista Chaise, white leather straps make up seat and back, painted iron base (above)

Living room with large dueling yellow upholstered sofas, a wood coffee table, visible natural wood beams and a carved fireplace
Living room features large yellow upholstered sofas in CASAMIDY’s owners’ enchanting Mexico home (above)

Kitchen with reclaimed wood cabinets and drawers, stainless appliances and a blue and white chevron tile backsplash
A stunning chevron tile backsplash in the kitchen (above)

Sofa with a flat iron base upholstered in grey fabric
Ixelles Sofa, Flat iron base upholstered in grey fabric (above)


polished nickel finish wrought iron lanterns
Symi Lanterns, polished nickel finish wrought iron lanterns (above)

Nickle lantern
Barranca Lantern (above)

nickle lanterns
Antoinette and Louis Lanterns (above)

Painted metal box lanterns in green and blue
Almidi Box Lanterns, painted metal box shaped lanterns shown in shades of green and blue(above)


Apartment in Brussels with Casamidy's loop sofa, light wood floor, black fireplace and metal coffee table

Purple living room in a Brussels apartment with lavender walls, grey and white checkerboard floor, antique fireplace with a large white mirror on the mantel, tufted black ottoman, to leather stools, armchairs with leather straps and a purple sofa with exposed metal legs

Iron based loop table lamp with white linen shade
Loop Table Lamp, forged iron base with white linen shade (above)

Mahogany square loop mirror
Square Loop Mirror, custom stained or painted mahogany (above)

Iron coffee table with loop detaling and a glass top
Loop Coffee Table, iron and glass coffee table (above)

Black round loop mirror
Round Loop Mirror, black (above)

Roof top patio in Paris with metal seats, a white oval table with black metal legs and black lanterns with pink candles
CASAMIDY rents this charming apartment situated in the rafters of an ancient building in Paris complete with a lovley view of the city for $1850 weekly (above)

Living room in a Paris apartment with dark walls, a wood floor with a large grey area rug, navy sofa, dueling Louis XIV chairs, a metal chair, a coffee table with a wood top and metal legs and a striped stool

Foyer in a Paris apartment with painted white natural wood beams, grey wall, wood floor and a pink, brown and grey hexagon rug. Instead of a door to the living room, they have curtains

Metal Louis XIV chair
This metal Louis style chair was created over 10 years ago and is still a CASAMIDY classic (above)

So there you have it! The 10 reasons I’m loving all things CASAMIDY!

Thank you Yifat for reintroducing me to CASAMIDY and thank you to your sweet husband for being so patient with our design black out!

I don’t know Jorge or Anne-Marie of CASAMIDY but I must say thank you to them for such a wonderful selection of total eye candy and for such enchanting designs. Brilliant.

If you want to know more about CASAMIDY…just email Jorge and Anne-Marie at [email protected]

Oh, this is one post where I don’t have a favorite…because I would happily scoop up all furniture and residences featured here in a minute. Anything here you are loving dear readers? Please please let me know.

Happy Monday!


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  1. Oh my!
    I’ve long loved their iron Louis chairs, but this is like a Pandora’s box here.
    And those luscious apartments for rent too! It’s like inhabiting a little piece of the Casamidy Paree lifestyle.
    Count me in!
    Great post, Alcira

  2. Love absolutely everything- particularly the apartments and most especially the one in Belgium; probably because I totally adore Belgium- it’s like heaven there. That purple room is perfection (although not totally sold on the vault like benches:)The blue headboard might be the best headboard I have ever seen and the pink geometric rug is totally and completely amazing- any idea where it is from? Thanks so much for sharing- loved every second of the post!

  3. Wow! I think that is the best way I can describe everything I am feeling about this post! First, what a magical evening for you! YAY! And I love all of these spaces. The metal headboard may be my favorite thing of all. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your post has made my day! Thank you for sharing the latest on two of my favorite designers. The photos are so beautiful and now I have to figure out how to get to Belgium!

  5. I LOVE that iron base upholstered furniture! And apartments for rent in Paris??? hmmmmm….

  6. Hi Typhanie,

    Would you please comment on the first picture in this post? I’d love to know more about that room and I’m confused as to whether it belongs to your friends or has CasaMidy elements in it or perhaps it’s something else entirely?

    Anyway, the room is stunning and I’d love to read about the designer, the elements in it, and so forth.


  7. oh, my, gosh, i think i’m in love. Thank you for pointing this wonderful company out.

    I’m drooling like Homer Simpson drools over donuts for the Ixelles Chair. aaarrrgggghgh

  8. I knew it. I knew it would come. I’m swooned by this apartment and we are planning to rent an apartment in Paris this summer. But it’s over our budget (at least the weekly part). Does anyone know if it even possible to rent at a reasonable price let’s say in the Latin Quarter?

  9. Those Almidi Box Lanterns are so lovely and I must say I should include it with my future furniture for my newly-constructed apartment unit. Yes, I’m having my apartment renovated to a design I wanted and I’m thankful that my land lord allowed me to do this without giving me adjustments with my apartment loan rates.
    We’re having our apartment renovated and this happens with all the help provided to us by apartment financing, now I can have the design I wanted and I would definitely get few ideas from the summer bedroom designs you shared with us.

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