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Screen grab of COCOCOZY feature on Architectural Digest’s website! (above)

COCOCOZY on Architectural Digest! Woohooo! Wow! Whoa! Yippee!!!

Was so thrilled when I saw that an Architectural Digest Q&A about COCOCOZY went up on the venerable publication’s website a few days ago.

The article was written by Architectural Digest’s Associate Market Editor Stephanie Schomer and it was based on a phone interview I did with her a few months back. The phone call lasted about an hour…Stephanie asked very focused and well edited questions…my answers on the other hand were filled with tangents, asides, long musings…the usual COCOCOZY babble.  Note to self: learn to self edit.  Anyhooo, Stephanie very keenly pulled out the relevant points in her story and came up with Q&A worthy of Architectural Digest.

The Q&A delves into how COCOCOZY started 5 years ago as a blog and has grown to encompass a lot more.

The feature also focuses on this year’s new furnishings lines including: COCOCOZY for Capel Rugs; COCOCOZY Bed Linens by Downtown; and a mention of my latest partnership, COCOCOZY for Tommy Hilfiger.

To read the full article on the Architectural Digest website, click here!

Hope you enjoy and get inspired to follow your passion!

Thank you Stephanie and also a big thanks to the really nice Parker Bowie Larson, Architectural Digest’s Style Editor,  for wanting to do a story on the collection. I am truly honored!

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you all had a nice long weekend!


P.S.  Stay tuned to COCOCOZY today…as I will have an exclusive preview from House Beautiful too…I’ll post that at about noon PST!


  1. I hope you realized that part of the reason I have my own Etsy shop is your fault. I am totally inspired by how you balance things, between the day job, the blog, your company, and having an active social life. It felt good to see that you are not superhuman, as for a while I was convinced you were. I was juggling for a while between the day job, the business, and social life, I know the challenges that it can be, and I couldn’t figure out how you did it all! (But I lost the day job, so now I am really trying to get the business to take off!)

    Because of you, I paint ceramics that I adore, (But I am first to acknowledge, they are niche as not many people are into fantasy/Mystical/Spiritual items but that’s what Ren Fairs, and sci-fi conventions are for!) I am inspired by you following your dreams, and I keep on working on making mine happen!

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