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family room with grey walls, a grey and white striped rug, a white painted brick fireplace and a round ottoman

I love a decor before and after.

I like the idea of transforming a space…taking something old, re-purposing it and making it into something new.  Simple concept and it works for me every time.

So lucky me that I got an email last week from Christine K. from Virginia interior design firm JWS Interiors.  Christine was sharing the pictures of a family room in 5500 square foot Northern Virginia that had been redecorated for a family of 4 and their dog.

When the family wanted a fresh modern update to their old den, they called in interior designer Jennifer Wagner Schmidt from JWS to do the job.

Jennifer immediately said good bye to the mustard yellow paint on the walls and changed it out for a neutral gray.  The exposed brick fireplace had also been painted yellow but in the redo the fireplace is put into relief by being painted a bright pure white.  The old traditional furniture was exchanged out for pieces with cleaner more contemporary lines and a striped rug was added in to ground the space making it a pleasant spot to hang out in.

A picture tells a thousand words…so I’ll let you take a look at today’s BEFORE & AFTER!

yellow family room with yellow painted brick fireplace, a sofa, two armchairs and a chest of drawers
Before (above)
alternate view of the family room taken from above
After! (above)

What do you think of this before and after?  What change do you think works the most?  Please do tell!

I like the new gray color scheme and the transformation to the fireplace the best…a simple coat of paint makes all of the difference.

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. This living room looks AMAZING! I LOVE the fireplace painted white and the wood slat mirror really warms up all the different shades of gray used though the space. Great job, thanks for sharing!

  2. The new color(s) really modernizes the space, as does the graphic rug and mirror. Huge transformation!

    The furniture layout is not successful. It is all pushed up against the walls, save for the round ottoman. Club chairs need to be floating in front of (what I imagine is) the TV credenza. It appears that there were club chairs in the old space; too bad those weren’t reupholstered in an interesting print.

  3. luv luv! So bright and fresh – my favorite type of style. The mirror above the mantle adds such warmth and interest. Great Job!

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