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Close up of a white bookcase with the back lined in herringbone fabric

While watching the Bachelorette Men Tell All special last night, I actually felt like I lost brain cells. There they go. Everytime I sat through a commercial break to see the next act, I could feel the brain cells just giving up on me. So to encourage brain cells to stick around, lately, every time I watch a vapid reality show, I try to pick up a book and read for just a bit. Mind numbing television leads to brain improving books (although I won’t tell you what book I just read for fear that you will judge…).

That being said, I like that books play a prominent role in the design of this living room. The built-in bookshelves provide great function (storing of books) and good design. I love the fact that the back of the shelves have been cleverly lined with a luxe looking herringbone suiting like fabric. Did I say “smart” already?

Living room with white built in bookcasea with the back lined in herringbone fabric, fireplace, cream sofa, glass top coffee table, area rug and herringbone armchairs

Side table in a living room surrounded by dark wood chairs with white leather seats and back with nail head trim, floor length curtains and a white built in bookshelf

Living room with herringbone printed armchairs, a fireplace, graphic print area rug and built in bookshelves

Where are the books in your house?

Hope you have a fab Tuesday.



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Photos courtesy of Christina Murphy Interiors

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  1. As someone who loves to read, having an entire wall of bookshelves filled with books is like a dream come true. Putting the fabric backing behind shelving is a great way to protect the wall from being scratched up by the books. The fireplace in the middle adds so much charm. I guess you have figured out that I love this room. If this room was in my home it is where you would always find me.

  2. I like this very much, and it satisfies my obsessive desire for symmetry.

    The books in my home are everywhere, including in an oak and glass lawyer cabinet that my grandfather purchased in 1906, and which is itemized in his 1906 diary, along with the books he bought that year, how many times he read them, and whether he read them himself only or also read them aloud to his wife! (I also have many of the books.)

  3. Just out of curiosity, why on earth would you watch something that makes you feel like you lost brain cells? Surely, if you HAD TO watch TV, you could have found something that didn’t lower your IQ!

  4. HI, Coco, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been by your blog, but it’s so pretty! You were asking about the beadboard wallpaper. It is textured sort of like wood & has a bit of a foamy feel. It paints up really nicely with a gloss paint & really looks like the real thing when wood molding is used with it. I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by! I love your outdoor space you redid. Blue & green are my fave colors together & you did a great job. Now I want to know where you got those green garden stools? love them!

  5. I absolutely love reading, but i have no books in my house, except a for a pile (sometimes 20, sometimes 1) in my wardrobe. i buy about 20 at a time in a charity shop, and when i have read them all i give them away. That said, i do love the lived in feeling that books give a room, a homely finishing touch. Like flowers. They give a room soul. My front room is too small though, and the alcoves either side of the fireplace are different sizes, so it wouldn’t work.

  6. My daughter watches that show and I listened from the kitchen while cooking…and yes..ahh I agree~!

    My books are shoved everywhere I can fit them in my house. In trunks, boxes, drawers, on shelves, under my bed. If I love a book, I cannot bear to sell it, donate it, or otherwise part with it. I have books from when I was ten years old. They are little pieces that helped mold me, and I love them.

  7. At the end of my long dining room I have a console piano and I’ve built bookcases all around it. I love the ambiance books bring to a dining room, and I enjoy having my books close by and organized. These are beautiful pics, and I’m impressed with how neat the shelves are!

  8. Don’t get me started, I am a bibliophile. I am moving into control with my kindle, since I naturally have garden, design, art, children’s, cook books yada..yada..
    I cannot stand covering book bindings so they match the design of the room. I want to see every title, I want people to take books off of shelves. Sometimes a dog- eared page, or an underline is a source of understanding. Shelves of books for decoration set my teeth grinding. Shelves with books that have been loved, take me home.

  9. Heya,

    Just happened to come across your blog today.

    Its truly awesome. I wanted to save like every other picture you have (though i am no where near owning a home, leave alone decorating it).

    But the collection of posts, ideas, pictures is just so nice. I have seen blogs, where I thought just 1 or 2 ideas are to my liking. But in this case, i think our tastes are really similar !

    So glad to see this blog. It has already been added to my favourites.


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