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Dandelion ceiling lights in a dining room with paper decorations and accents
Photo: styling Lo Bjurulf

As the country is still dealing with big economic woes, I’m noticing that for some reason only once in awhile do I feature items that I would classify as totally and undeniably “bargain”…no reason for this…I love a good bargain….so I don’t know why this is the case. I’m talking about really really cheap bargain design finds…not just those items that are reasonably priced (I do feature those). I know this doesn’t make sense…what is wrong with me…I truly would like to find really really cheap (errrr or economical I should say) furniture but for some reason, lately, I been gravitating towards the furniture and accessories that are gorgeous but might cause one to have a bit of sticker shock!

In classic Cococozy fashion…here goes a whirlwind of misguided excuses for my lack of effort as of late (errr should I say laziness) in trying to find the best bargains…ready?

Well, only recently, it just seems to happen that even though budgeting is on everyone’s mind, I can only find posh pricey items to feature (whoa is me…)(notice how I take no responsibility for not searching for big bargain items which there are plenty of wonderfully stylish ones out in the design/decor world…I only say it “just seems to happen”…hee hee…with this attitude of “not my fault” I could probably be good friends with Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears…will look them up after I write this post…new bffs!). I have some sort of syndrome where the majority of furniture and accessories I seem to write about cost goo gobs of money (now it is a syndrome…even more out of my control…it is escalating). Maybe it is denial of sorts…or maybe hopeful…could be…hopeful that we move onto better economic times (now have morphed into a warped justification of my behavior…). Not smart to want and dream about only expensive things I know…but the impractical side of me is drawn to all things impractical I guess (…well here I seem to recognize that it is my fault…getting better maybe?)! Remember the $40,000 copper tub or the $6500 Horse Floor Lamp just to name a few not so economical home furnishings I’ve featured in the past (not helping my case…)?

Anyhoooooooooo….well today is a new day. I have found something totally “budget” that is well worthy of a post of its own! I did it (I’m noticing there is no applause…yoohooo…is that because it is something I should be looking for on a daily basis to share with you…hmmmm…will work on this….will need to do a CHEAP TO CHIC to redeem myself…)!

I love this ceiling pendant light. Stylish and chic. I saw it first in the photo above and then did a little research and found out it is from IKEA. Hello. Yes. IKEA. Very cute.

It looks like a dandelion! Perfect ball of tiny white flowers. Great looking…but I probably wouldn’t suggest blowing on this to make a wish!

If my house was bigger than a postage stamp and I had a fab dining room, I might just incorporate this lamp into my decor. A nice large entry way or hallway would be a good home for this too!

Dandelion ceiling light from Ikea
Ikea – PS Maskros Ceiling Lamp – $89.99 (designer: Marcus Arvonen. 32″D. Paper shade. Steel and stainless steel construction)(above)

Here are some more views from Ikea of this chandelier at work…

Light blue kitchen with herringbone wood floor and a Dandelion ceiling light from Ikea

White bedroom with Dandelion ceiling light from Ikea

A cost effective way to add a lot of style for just a little money! Decor for thought…right?

Conclusion: With this light in mind, I will definitely make an effort to seek out even more great bargains for readers…they are out there…just have to go back to what I was doing before…and find them! At least I’m aware of my faults and I’m trying to improve…(still no applause…hmmm…)…

Oh just to note…I will of course still be featuring the beautifully designed expensive furnishings too…can’t completely change my ways…have to be true to who I am (expensive tastes and all)!

Please let me know if you have any great economical or bargain design finds and I’ll feature on the COCOCOZY FACEBOOK PAGE.

Hope you have a nice Tuesday!


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