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COCOCOZY made the pages of the April 2014 InStyle magazine! The issue is InStyle’s color issue. COCOCOZY Loop rug in sage green is featured on the “green” page along with quite a few other items.

The kind editors at InStyle emailed me a few months ago asking about the rug…was thrilled when they confirmed they would use it.

This weekend, I went to the newsstand near COCOCOZY HQ in Beverly Hills and picked up three copies.  Was so thrilled to see my rug in the pages of a national magazine. Very exciting!

COCOCOZY Loop Rug – Indo Tibetan Hand Knot (above)
More sage and hunter green items from the COCOCOZY Collection

Happy Monday!


P.S. TE and I spent the day in Malibu yesterday. Was a beautiful beautiful California day. We ended up at this spot with a terrific view!

Yesterday in Malibu, CA overlooking the Pacific Ocean – What a view! (above)

P.P.S.  Remember to shop the new COCOCOZY Resort Collection of pillows and throws at the COCOCOZY Online Store!


  1. How exciting! Congratulations!! I would have been jumping up and down in front of the newsstand if it had been me 🙂

  2. Was so pleasantly surprised to see the “person” behind CocoCozy as you moderated the session with Windsor Smith today at the Laguna Design Center. It was an inspiring dialogue. She seems so genuine. And, also, the rug is fabulous.

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