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Pink outdoor table and chairs with a large green lawn and an ocean view
Photo: Scott Frances

I promised a summer photo after talking about fall yesterday…so here is a sunny summer photo.

Don’t know where the photo above was taken but for some reason I imagine Palm Beach. Love the pink outdoor table and chairs, the vast green lawn and the rich blue ocean and vibrant sky. Picture perfect. Palm Beach Pink I’m dubbing this…it is delicate, flirty and soft. Might be a perfect pink for me.

Like yesterday’s post…I found that this pale pink is in fashion too!

Model from Oscar de la Renta's runway show
Oscar de la Renta via

Model wearing Dsquared
Dsquared via

Love that dress with the ruffle btw.

What would you name this pink? What do you think of pink?

Happy Thursday!



  1. salmon pink comes to mind

  2. I would call it baby pink, salmon has more orange in it. For unknown reasons, my daughter calls it “Fat Girl Pink.” Shame on her! I actually had a Sister Parish faux water stained pink wall paper, in that shade in my bedroom for awhile. It was a very pretty room, to me.

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