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Mint green living room with floor to ceiling windows, a white sofa with two armchairs, a white fireplace, built in bookcase and a round coffee table

Late last year, when designing new offerings for the 2012 COCOCOZY textiles collection, I wanted to go with some soothing colorways for my fabric patterns.  I was browsing the web a few days ago and came across this picture of this lovely soothing city living room and it reminded me of the colors I chose for this year’s pillow collection.

So, during my so called design process (which is hardly a process…and more of a race to finish everything in time for market), I decided on a pale green blue for one of my main colors for the year and I called it Sea Foam because it reminded me of the color of that froth that sits on top of the water after a wave crashes onto shore. I was so sure of my color name choice. So sure. I pronounced, “I now name you SEA FOAM!” and then the audience roared.  I went forward with this name with a strong conviction.  I put it in the new 2012 COCOCOZY catalog and called it Sea Foam, I went to market in January/February with it and described it as Sea Foam…and so on and so on.

After, I made this definitive decision on naming the color Sea Foam, of course being the person I am…I am now waffling.   I realized my new pale silvery green might be considered to the trained eye a totally different color…maybe Mint. I started seeing all of these stories in online magazines this month about mint and celadon and pale green…hmmmm…oy va voy.

Only after the fact, like now, did I go online and look at what people were calling Sea Foam…and for some reason I don’t think the online Sea Foam matches the COCOCOZY vision of Sea Foam.

So is my Sea Foam not Sea Foam…if not, what would you call it?

COCOCOZY Arch Linen Pillow in Sea Foam
COCOCOZY Arch Linen Pillow in Sea Foam (above)

COCOCOZY Quatrefoil Reverse Natural Linen Pillow Cover in Sea Foam
COCOCOZY Quatrefoil Reverse Natural Linen Pillow Cover in Sea Foam. (above)

COCOCOZY Circle Chevron and COCOCOZY Arch Linen Pillows in Sea Foam and Sea Green
COCOCOZY Circle Chevron and COCOCOZY Arch Linen Pillows in Sea Foam and Sea Green (above)

It is too late for me to change the color name…but am curious as to how off I am with the nomenclature here!  So please do weigh in! Do you see Sea Foam, Mint or something else when you look at my new colorway?  Where might you include a color like this in your home?

Happy Friday!


Photo: living room photo source unknown due to browsing around the internet when sleepy late night and not labeling photo…if you know source please let me know and I’ll put in!


  1. 100% Seafoam. Seriously. If I saw your pillow that is exactly what comes to mind. Never questioned it. Until you did… 😉

  2. I could use your Sea Foam in many rooms of my house. My wall colors are watery and murky; they range from gray-green-aqua-teal-blue, with touches of tan and espresso. I did exactly as you, I looked up sea foam on the internet. I found everything from actual ocean sea foam to various colors people call sea foam. I found an image of ocean sea foam that matches your color. I’m sure you have seen the crazy things people name paint colors. Naming you color Sea Foam is perfectly acceptable.

  3. Since pigments and pixels never translate perfectly….from what I can see on my computer, it looks like a tinted and toned blue-green. How about a compromise? Sea-mint or Mint-foam! 🙂 Kidding!

  4. Yes I agree, I think you’re on the money, not sky blue – that’s brighter, if it wasn’t sea foam, maybe… just a little maybe it could be pale blue, but really it’s on the edge, so I think you’ve gone with the right terminology 😀 Looks gorgeous by the way and I love the darker green colour too!

  5. Aww, I feel for you waffling over the name. I am also second guessing something I put in writing!

    For the record, and not because I sympathize, I would definitely call that color seafoam. Mint is a bit more green, and those are the perfect balance between blue and green. Not an aqua, but a seafoam.

    I need to snag one of these seafoam pillows to add some depth to my mint living room 🙂


  6. The color of the seafoam comes from whatever the ocean happens to be churning up on a given day. On a pretty day it churns your COCOCOZY seafoam..and on an ugly day brown. I also searched for seafoam and received tons of WRONG colors (since when did lime green become seafoam? would not go swimming in that water..just saying). Your seafoam is the real seafoam.

  7. Forgot to add where I’d use it: anywhere. Beautiful calming color that works with any neutral-ivory, gray, etc. I would pair your arch linen sea foam pillow with green in a preppy bedroom.

  8. crest toothpaste green haha! by any other name would still be seafoam, mint, aqua, gray-green-blue-grey, and lovely, no matter what! best ~ L

  9. A rose is a rose, as beautiful by any other name. It’s seafoam. If you were to change it then you might appear unsure of yourself…causing someone else to worry if they should choose anything you design. Seafoam it stays. The room is absolutely beautiful and has 2-3 different shades, which I love. Big hug….

  10. Sea foam works for me. It’s definitely what I’m painting the master bedroom. Mint green is much, much more light green. I know because my Easter dress in 1959 was mint green. My mother made it for me, finishing it in just the knick of time. In fact, she may have cheated with a pin or two to get me out the door. All 10 years old of me. Memories…

  11. I have yet found the need to BLOG a response yet this may be the moment – I really DIG your sensiabilities COCO, so I am throwing you a life raft. You are so CREATIVE, you see the world thru color, texture and the relationship it has to creating comfort to living in the present.
    Saying that – I know you have emotional access to another WORD to distinguish that green……anything but Sea Foam. I think your other bloggers encouraged you as well. You are a mouth piece for visual inspiriation. Look in your cupboards, in your fields and in your apothacary items – there are fields of Green words for you to unleash into the cyber universe! You’re a fire fly ~ Symphony

  12. Definately not mint or celadon or aqua. The first could be a light jade but the second is certainly more blue – maybe iced teal.

  13. I don’t care for ‘mint’ – reminds me of toothpaste and institutional walls.

    SeaFoam is a good name, tho yours might be a little bluer, but hey, there are no rules! I like the suggestion of eucalyptus too.

  14. According to the color guru, Pantone, 14-6007 TCX, you are right on. In the 50’s Seaform was popular, but was a darker hue. P.S. If I was asked to describe this color, it would be, Silvered Seaform or Silvery Seaform.

  15. Yikes this is not so easy. Though I don’t think this color is mint at all, I think it would need to be a brighter shade to be called mint. I find the green in your second pillow almost looks grey light green. Can you post a photo of the other sea foam greens you saw so we can compare the two. Your green does remind me of the glass you find on the beach. Maybe pale sea glass green?
    Btw I saw the end of your friends show today, I liked it, please tell him nice job!

  16. I wouldn’t worry about the name too much. Having bought from many companies the past 20 years, the one thing that I know for sure is that every company has their name for colors and it varies from company to company. what one company calls sea foam another calls mint. i think it is your right to name the color whatever you want. no worries…btw i think it looks sea foam anyway…if it bothers you too much just call it cozy green…for Coco cozy…

  17. My first thought was Aquamarine, like my grandmother’s ring. Sea Foam works but conjures up a more tropical aqua tint to me than what your’s is. I love your color whatever you wind up calling it; it seems so current and timeless all at once, especially paired with the Sea Green.

  18. Seafoam is right. Light, airy, wispy. Mint is heavy and much greener. You nailed it. Plus Seafoam sounds more poetic. Love it. Thinking of that color for my kitchen.

  19. You should call it SEAGLASS

    I work with paint colors every day. I understand being on the fence about a name, but for me Seaglass came to me instantly.


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