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On the left is an orange living room with a white sofa, orange walls with a tree decal, brown and white graphic print curtains and a glass table with orange bottles and a bowls of fruit. On the right is a red bedroom with upholstered red and white striped headboard, graphic red and white wallpaper, red lamps and white bedding with lime green embrodiery
Photo: Jean Randazzo
Orange room vs. red room (above)

People feel very strongly about red versus orange I think…or at least in my world they do.

The COCOCOZY SPRING/SUMMER 2011 catalog is done. Phew. This last week has been a bear with trying to get out all of the printed materials and trying to get the website done.

My collection features red…I went with the red. When I told most of my friends that I had chosen to have a pop of red in the collection…most said “you really need some orange”. I argued for my red…and they argued for orange. I guess I felt that orange was overdone, trendy in a way…I had considered orange, really I had…but I gravitated to the reds. I do have one bit of burnt orange in a COCOCOZY cotton knit throw but that is it.

Here is just one photo of one of the pillows in the COCOCOZY SPRING/SUMMER 2011 collection…my Quatrefoil design in a dark red.

COCOCOZY Quatrefoil linen pillow with self welt in Dark Red
COCOCOZY Spring 2011 Collection – Quatrefoil linen pillow with self welt in Dark Red (above)

In the great debate of red v. orange in home furnishings and decor…what would you pick off the top of your head?

(I have this feeling the orange is going to win…well I dared to be different…LOL!)

Anyhooooo….off to a big t.v. show shoot for my day job. Will be on set all day watching an exciting music video shoot…need to figure out practical outfit…yesterday I was on set in 3″ heels…prancing about from sound stage to sound stage bouncing back and forth between clients and the producers…today I will be comfortable!

Happy Friday!


P.S. Sorry about missing a post yesterday. So much stuff to do to launch the line that I missed out!


  1. Off the top of my head, red hands down though I love orange just not for my home furnishings/decor unless I was doing a small private closed off office for myself I just might do a fresh orange/light blue combination using some fun geometric prints but otherwise would opt for red elsewhere. Great chioce and I love that linen pillow..chic and sharp looking.

  2. I am an orange girl myself but not to the exclusion of red. I love red too – but for me, it has to be a warm version of the color with not too much blue. I love how in the right hand photo the two are mixed with great success – doesn’t always have to be one or the other!

  3. I think you were smart to go for the red…always listen to that inner voice! I let a friend talk me into painting my breakfast room orange. Let’s just say – it’s not orange anymore. Red brings out that comfortable yet sophisticated side. Always enjoy my cup of COCOCOZY every morning!

  4. I am an Orange side comes to fashion. I like having a hint of orange somewhere. But for interior, I would go with red. All year around Halloween room will make me tired. Red has warm, cozy feeling but strong and powerful.It could be traditional, Zen style, or contemporary. I think red has so much potential.
    Your works is awesome 🙂

  5. I remember when my aunts aqua bathroom tiles gagged me after finishing my design degree. Now, Id have fun and work with them.

    You can never go wrong with red…Im personally into what I call “goldfish” colors with the aquas and turquoise due to love of ocean and beachy designs. but like I said that is my own personal middle age thing like (retire to the beach thing now) pretend!

    .as a designer I love everything and see too much and need help with my decisions for my own house…LOL

    I remember hating orange, too close to the rust and avacado that was “in” during my childhood dating myself,

    The way I see it, as long as textures are used, grasscloths, stones, woods, textiles etc. and neutrals , earthy “green” things, its the textures that are adding the intrest to even a monochromatic color scheme, it seems like color isnt trending like it once did.(( okay dont give me mauve,)) but if its from the earth,its forever.

    Green is the one constant color I use, its my favorite, but as a kid it was lime green, had lots of yellow in the green, then after college “the jewel tones” hunter green was the thing, now im into sages, and khaki greens, (having greys in them) that are very neutral too, yet everytime I look at a duvet for summer, im liking up on the apple greens..ugh!

    Im saying, You already know all this, Its 25 years of design work, dealing with pastels, huge furniture, carpets throughout, no wood, sprayed ceilings, faux wood paneling and baseboards, now crown moldings…textured walls in white only that have to be sanded down to paint now… today we have all gone “green” organic things.

    I just had cork installed for flooring, I was never into all that, and now I am..I dont see how reuse, redesign and using old things instead of all new will ever go out…

    You did right , going with your gut, red is solid, never trendy, its warm, and very rich, exciting and even supposed to make us hungry. I still love red in the same shade, unlike the greens.. No u cant go wrong with the red, I believe in you and that u did the right thing!

    Good Luck with the catalogue, cant wait to see………..youve been a fun inspiration for me.

  6. Definitely red! If I see one more photo of orange and turquoise rooms (yawn), my brain will melt from the lack of imagination. Keep it up, Coco. What a multi tasking wonder woman you are 🙂

  7. Red is safest. I love the orange; however, it makes me think of Fall and Halloween. Would not want that feel in the Spring.

  8. Even though I am an orange “girl” the red is beautiful. Orange is probably a bit trendy. Cant wait to see how the line takes off…good luck

  9. I love both!

    We used to live in California and everything out there is very “earthy” in terms of home decor. I painted my dining room red and you’d think no one had ever seen anything like it. Got such great compliments!

    We moved back East about 6 years ago and I wanted a red dining room again, but it seem like everyone and their mothers had a red dining room in their center hall colonial. So… I painted mine a wonderful deep pumpkin orange. We moved again recently, and I repeated it – I love, love, love my orange dining room! I also brought it into my family room which is tan, grey, and orange. I suppose it is trendier now, but I have loved this color since I was a kid and am so happy to be able to bring it into my house. 🙂

  10. I always heard you should have at least one RED (or something in that range) thing in every room to make it feel alive! Interesting…

    That said, LOVE the LARGE monogram on the duvet cover. Any idea who it came from? I haven’t found anyone who does a monogram that large and I think it’s so much more of a statement!

  11. I think you nailed the red and the right shade too (in the pillows)! Yes, the orange is fun but I too agree, it’s been trendy for awhile and I have been seeing that we are moving into corals and reds, which are so gorgeous! So excited that it’s come back around because the office and playroom were painted a fabulous shade of red 10 years ago and I got around to updating it!

  12. Hi,

    Loving your new collection. I think it would be perfect for my shop. I am not going to the New York show, doing Las Vegas instead. How can I get more info from you?

  13. * Well, I’m NOT going to read the comments from others here, because I don’t want to be “influenced” before I give my opinion… sooo, altho it sounds like I’m “wimping out” by saying I like BOTH, when and where they work BEST, that’s true…

    BUUUUT, I personally/occassionally simply fall in love with some fabrics w/ ORANGE, RED aNNNd HOT PINK!!! It’s NOT in my home, no, but I DO have a few necklaces, bracelets & one FAB purse along those color ways and they ALWAYS evoke at least a FEW compliments (then again, guess I wouldn’t HEAR the negative as people are, hopefully, “nice”)….

    I went to see your “sneak preview”… NICE!!! You undoubtedly KNOW what you’re doing, so I just can’t WAIT to see it all… I admire & enjoy supporting an entrepreneur IF there’s something “there”… and there IS, my friend, for sure!!!

    Warmest & most sincere congrats!
    Linda in AZ
    [email protected]
    (Note: Have been “reading you” for what seems like FOREVER, but just realized I didn’t rcv your blog by E-mail, so FINALLY signed up for it… at last!)… LR

  14. I’m really not a fan of red, so if I had to choose I would definitely say orange. Now, depending on the design I do like some hints of red here and there, and I have to say that your pillow is plain gorgeous! Not being a fan of red I have to admit that your design is beautiful, so much that I would even buy it 😉

  15. RED! I just finished printing some fabric in red and then I sewed it into an apron.

    Orange is nice but there is something almost classic about red. It’s much more full of life than orange.

  16. Well, Coco, it depends on what shade of red. I do not generally like the use of “Christmas” red in large doses, except maybe at Christmas time (even then, I like it with “apple” green, which prevents the traditional red & green color scheme from feeling so heavy). I think every room, however, needs at least a pop of red. I really do like both colors, and lately I’m really loving “Hermes” orange.

    Karen T.

  17. Red was the right choice! I do love both red and orange in interiors but you are right, Orange is a trend. It will come and go but red will always be in style. Can’t wait to see more of your collection!!

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