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Simple and elegant bedroom with arched door way, white canopy, lucite Casamidy Louis XIV chair, blue nightstand and a patterned rug

I enjoy seeing layered intricate design and decor…with lots of detail in furniture, accessories and textiles (of course)…lots of layers and textures.

On the other hand, I really love stripped down pared back restrained design…this often to me is the most soothing type of space…simple, elegant, room for imagination…a room where less is more.

Love this bedroom.  A Casamidy chair, a lovely rug, a simple blue turned wood side table, and an iron canopy bed with white linens.  Makes me want to exhale and just relax.

What do you prefer…more OR less in design?  Why?

Happy Friday!


Photo: Kara Mann


  1. *** I like this, too… I really PREFER a lack of excesses/ clutter, ESPECIALLY in the summer months when it’s soooo hot here in Arizona…… In fact, when I recently redid our bedroom, I stuck to whites/ creams/ taupes n’ grays~~~ I AND my husband both LOVE IT because altho neutral in color, it’s simple and rich because there’s SOOOO MUCH TEXTURE (to include a stone wall w/ FP, and desert & city light views from 22′ floor to ceiling windows)… For me/us, we let the desert do the talking… and we certainly DO like what it says!

    Warmest wishes,
    Linda in AZ *
    [email protected]

  2. being a minimalist myself…i too believe that less is alway right..i could never live with too many accessories or layers. maybe one reason why i dont like flowy curtains

  3. Less is more, big is better i smy mantra. I don’t like a lot of little things sitting around. In my bedroom I really prefer a less is more approach, so much more peaceful. Kathysue

  4. I like less myself. When there’s so much decorations, in my opinion, I feel surrounded by clutter! Definitely simpler is better!
    Lila Ferraro

  5. Love the chair, this bedroom makes me want to curl up with a good book and some tea. I think less is great sometimes. I want to learn that decorating skill.

  6. Definitely less for me. I totally agree with you about less being the most soothing type of space. I like its simplicity and elegance, and yes, it’s a place where one can truly relax and feel cozy. Simplicity IS beauty!

  7. Definitely less for me. I agree with you, less is the most soothing type of space for me. Its simplicity and elegance is definitely something I prefer and it’s where I would feel most comfy. Simplicity IS beauty!

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