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COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair

First off…I am sorry! I’ve been so busy the last 4 days launching the COCOCOZY online shop and debuting the COCOCOZY home furnishings and textiles collection at the New York International Gift Fair that I haven’t been able to blog and it totally has stressed me out!

I am back to the blog while here at the fair! Yippeee!!!! I feel better now that I’m back in touch.

New York has been absolutely amazing. Where do I start?

First off I’ve met the coolest COCOCOZY readers including Stacey and at least 40 others who have stopped by my booth at the New York International Gift Fair where I’m launching my first home furnishings collections.

Then I’ve had the honor of meeting the glitterati of our blogging world…bloggers who I have become friendly with online and now have the pleasure of knowing in person…including the very adorable and impressive Cassandra of Coco Kelley, amazing and awe-inspiring Crystal and Anne of Rue, stylish Nicole of So Haute, nice Marissa from Style Beat, the truly incredible Paloma of the new High Gloss magazine, the venerable Michele and Patrick of Lonny…just to name of few.

I am so amazed by these stunningly brilliant women (and 1 guy). They have all certainly created an unbelievable kinetic energy. I was so thrilled and truly honored to meet them finally!

Over the last few days at the gift fair, I also met some new blogging friends including Ashlina of The Decorista, Petra of Pretty Little Green Things, Kimberly of Knotting Hill Interiors and Kelly of Kelly G Design. It was also fantastic meeting some incredible home furnishings entrepreneurs some of whom I’ve covered and admired over the years including the oh so talented Karen from Hammocks & High Tea and Yali and Shoshana of Zicci Bea. Lastly, I met so many new interior designer friends including interior designers Anishka of Ishka Designs and Beth of EGR Designs.

Oh what an incredible 5 days it has been.

Darling friends Alyssa and Candice who are helping in the booth have been so wonderful. Phenomenal ambassadors of the COCOCOZY brand. We’ve had quite a few comedy moments in the booth the three of us have. Best of friend Anne took her Sunday to work with us at the booth…and best of friends Nicole and Amie also came by to help out. I am one very lucky lucky girl.

COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair

Anyhooo…fair is about to start again…and I wanted to show you my little booth and how I got here.

I decided to do the gift fair back in October or November and then the race began.

Building the 3D version of the COCOCOZY brand was quite fun…stressful…fun…exciting and more.

The whole thing began with a very bad drawing by me! Take a look.

Sketches of the COCOCOZY booth for the New York International Gift Fair
My first booth drawing back in November 2010! Clearly I do not draw well at all. I sent this drawing off to booth designers to get estimates!(above)

3D rendering of the COCOCOZY booth for the New York International Gift Fair
First draft of booth design…I did not like this at all! Reminded me of a 1st grade classroom with cubbies for shoes and art supplies! (above)

Then I began the truly amazing work with my booth design team…

I decided to ship in all of the contents of the booth and have the design team just build a shell. I wanted a square white box that I could trick out with the COCOCOZY look. I had 4 huge display cases painted bright glossy white in Los Angeles. I pulled a chocolate brown fretwork desk, a sisal rug, some Louis Ghost chairs and then the plan started to make sense.

chocolate brown fretwork desk in a warehouse
I found this great desk at a warehouse in Los Angeles! (above)

Close up of the sisal rug
Didn’t want to use the flooring that came with the space so I ordered my own sisal rug. (above)

Clear Louis Ghost chairs
Clear Louis Ghost chairs were a must…the booth is small…we needed seating that did not obstruct the view…so I took two of these chairs from my bedroom and shipped them to NY! (above)

9 foot display cases in the process of being painted white
The key…is these amazing 9 foot display cases that I had painted in Los Angeles and then shipped to New York. (above)

Final 3D rendering of the COCOCOZY booth for the New York International Gift Fair
The final rendering. In the end, after I sent the design company all of the design elements and a new drawing…this is that they came up with! (above)

White box that will become the COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair
This is what the booth looked like when I arrived at the Javits Center on Friday. A white box…ready for a makeover! (above)

 first ever COCOCOZY trade show booth
The first ever COCOCOZY trade show booth – a truly cozy little nook – perfect for housing my first collection! (above)

COCOCOZY throws arranged on a ladder at the New York International Gift Fair

COCOCOZY pillows at the New York International Gift Fair

COCOCOZY pillows at the New York International Gift Fair

sterling silver vintage bowls for cards and paper clips at the COCOCOZY booth
Best of friend Anne lent me two gorgeous sterling silver vintage bowls for cards and paper clips in the booth. (above)

COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair
Anne also gave me a pink birdcage I had given her for the booth…it wouldn’t fit in the display cases so we had to cut off the legs and the top! What a good friend…allowing me to cut up her personal home accessories! (above)

COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair

COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair

COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair

group hug in the COCOCOZY booth at the New York International Gift Fair
A group hug…Coco (I’m on the left), Alyssa (right) and Candice (center with back to camera) after our sale to a store on Main Street in Nantucket (Candice wrote the order)! I dreamed of my collection being on Nantucket and now it is! Ahhh…! (above)

So…for right now that is it..the 3-D version of COCOCOZY! Will tell you all of the stories of all of the fun people who have stopped by my booth including my design crush JONATHAN ADLER!!!!!! Oh just thinking about him in my booth makes me dizzy…that story to come later!

Happy Wednesday! Happy happy Wednesday! I’ve missed you guys!



  1. Wow, I know the work it takes to do these booths! Congrats! You must be on cloud 9!

  2. Coco I am just in awe!! Everything you did is first class!! Great Branding!!

    Look at all of our blog friends that now know you better!!

    Of course I want one of everything!!

    Be sure to enter my amazing Giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  3. Thanks for that fascinating look at the ins/outs of setting up shop at the gift fair. Love it. I’d also love to get a look at your wholesale catalog, so I’ll check out your website for details.

  4. The booth looks fabulous! Saw your pillows in the High Gloss premier issue (best looking pillows on the page;).

  5. I am amazed! It is a truly gorgeous booth!!!

  6. You should be so proud!!! To have the courage to go after and actually execute on your dream…you are an inspiration!! I hope one day I can muster up the courage to do the same. I am watching closely to find out when I can purchase your designs locally in Portland! 🙂

  7. I am so Happy for you!!! Congrats, looks AWESOME, must be so exciting, I wish I could have been there to meet you and cheer you on!!!!!

    Sell, sell, sell! 🙂

    Northern Light

  8. Very well done! I was a showroom designer in High Point, N.C. for years before I started designing furniture and my own showroom(retired). You’ve done a stunning job right out of the gate!

  9. Your booth looks just beautiful! It is hard to believe this is your first show, everything looks so professional. I wish you much success!

  10. That desk is utterly perfect! What a great find!

    Your sketches? Darling, those are the same as an architect’s napkin sketch – trust me, the early vision is always a little rough!

    It came together fabulously!

  11. Your booth was adorable and hit all of the right notes for your design aesthetic. Congratulations! It is such a pleasure to observe COCOCOZY making her dreams come true. Best of luck from a fan! P.S. My sister and I are waiting to catch a glimpse of your face now that you’re in the spotlight… 🙂

  12. Yahooo–your blood/sweat/tears has clearly paid off. What a beautiful vision of amazingness. Am so excited for you!!!! xoxox

  13. Yay!!! Much kudos and props to you! I have dreams of opening up my own home-line so this is especially close to my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! Any other info or tips that you have to offer would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and CONGRATS!!!

  14. Thanks for sharing the process! It was great to see it from start to finish—- especially how the booth concept evolved with you design team. The entire journey of your evolving entrepreneurship has been inspiring to see. Many congrats and continued success!

  15. Coco! Thank you sooooo much for mentioning Knotting Hill Interiors in your blog post today (our name has a “K” in front of it, rather than an “N”, since my name starts with a “K”)! And by the way, I have to tell you that you are just about the cutest thing I have ever encountered! Your writing style and personality are absolutely one-in-the-same. I SO enjoyed meeting you and am super excited to incorporate some of your incredible products into one of the new designs I’m working on! I am adding you to my “It’s So Fabulous!” blog roll, since, as I have said before… you ARE fabulous, my dear!

  16. EGR Designs
    So great to get the chance to meet you after following your blog on facebook and loving your line. It was even better in person LOVED it all!Looking forward to doing business with you. Keep up the energy and good work!

    Elizabeth (Beth)

  17. Great job Cococozy~ with the layout of your booth design and your fun and clean geometric patterns on your pillows and accents! We were in NY for NYIGF and for Rue launch party at the New Traditionalist showroom. I wish we had a chance to meet up in NY, especially considering we’re right here in Orange County and Los Angeles!
    Best of Luck, Carrie von Hemert
    von Hemert Interiors

  18. Wonderful, it surely was an incredible experience!
    Great to see it step -by- step!
    And congratulations, it looks wonderful and it must be a huge success for you!

    Take care!

  19. I have to tell you this whole process that you are so willing so share is awe-inspiring to someone like me who is in school to become a Textile Designer. You are living my dream of someday creating my own line of interior textiles. I love your prints!!! You have done a wonderful job keeping the look of your brand consistent and your products looking true to your design aesthetic. This looks like the start of an amazing future and career. All the best of luck and CONGRATULATIONS!!! (p.s. spotted your pillows in the premier issue of HIGH GLOSS MAG-lovely)
    -Ashley Cooper

  20. Thank you for sharing the process. I’m sure I’m not the only one interested in watching how this all happens. Your booth was brilliant! Congratulations!

  21. hi -it was a pleasure meeting you the other night at the new traditionalist party i was with nicole from SKETCH42BLOG.COM
    Anyway, just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your new line…
    looks amazing!!

  22. So glad to start reading your blog! Your booth looks amazing and would definitely have caught my eye at Market! We are always on the hunt for something new, different, innovative, etc…! Also love the fact that you mentioned the Ghost Chair! I am obsessed with them at the moment and think it was the perfect choice! I actually have one coming in from Germany any day now, vintage mind you! And I can’t wait!!! Thanks for a great, inspiring post!! Best of luck to you!

  23. COCO! So fantastic meeting you in your stunnatious booth! Every detail was perfection…..I hope the rest of the day was fun,inspiring, and successful………..yali+shoshanah

  24. I showed at the Javits Center about 8 years ago and someone asked me if a 5 year old designed my booth! I know how much work goes into the booth and yours is fabulous!

  25. Oh, Coco! Your booth looks beautifully stunning! It’s exciting to watch you live your dream! You go, girl!!!

    Karen T.

  26. I was there for three days and I missed you! Can’t believe it! We were rushing to get everything we needed for our shop/gallery. I too saw Jonathan Adler at his booth. What a thrill! Really a great show, wasn’t it? And congrats to you on your first exhibit at the NYIGF! Your booth looked AMAZING! A HUGE accomplishment. I will definitely check in with you next time at the fair. Until then! Warm Wishes, Joanie Ballard, MAISON de BALLARD,

  27. I have loved watching the progression to this point unfold! I JUST starting my own little blogging, interior adventures and I so look up to your growth! Congratulations on such a rewarding journey!

  28. Oh my .. that must have been soooo much work – and it looks absolutely fantastic. The biggest of congratulations on creating all that you have. Truly. Everything looks perfect. I’m sure you were run off your feet. Thanks for showing us everything (even your initial drawings) – it is very inspiring.

    May the orders roll in and the smile stay on your face all year (-:

  29. while I think your items are really nice there is not one item I could ever possibly afford/ or justify buying in your boutique.. I think most ‘homemaking moms would agree…. 250 for a pillow? 200 bucks for one yard of material?

    your blog is nice though. I am sure my post will not be posted.. but please know your prices are not for the normal folks… you are trying to reach the high end folks, which I don’t think are your fanbase.

  30. Congrats to you!!!

    I’ve enjoyed your posts & your wonderful aesthetic! I’m happy to hear your product launch has equally successful – keep up all the great work!

  31. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new store! I wish you had a store in San Francisco! I would be there in a heartbeat!
    You are an inspiration to us fellow interior design fanatics!

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