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black front door glossy boxwood topiaries plants potted charcoal gray ceramic planters Bienvenue doormat
Option #1 – Bienvenue coir doormat (above)

This is my front door at my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills.  It is a black shiny front door with frosted glass widow panes.

My front door decor is simple, the black door, white trim, brushed silver knob and lock, a square silver outdoor sconce for lighting and finally the door is flanked by potted boxwood topiaries. My front door was yellow at one point and then it was brown.  Now this is it.  A glossy shiny black front door.

This past weekend I was thinking a lot about door design for a guest post I am doing for another website.   I wanted share a photo of my front door but realized I needed a new doormat.  So off I went on Memorial Day…in search of the perfect doormat.

I, of course, can never make a descision so I bought three different doormats.

Option #1 (above) – A coir front doormat with black frame and Bienvenue written on it
Option #2 (below) – A coir doormat with black and white ticking stripes
Option #3 (below) – A simple wire lattice mat

Now I need your help! Vote on which doormat you think works for my front door decor?

Take a look…

black front door frosted glass stripe striped doormat mat boxwood topiary plants decor design
Option #2 – Ticking stripe coir doormat – $54 (above)
black front door cococozy boxwood topiary topiaries plants modern pots planters wire doormat
Option #3 – Wire doormat – $48 (above)

My mom, sis DS and TE all weighed in…they all picked Option #3 (the wire doormat).  I can’t decided whether Option #1 with Bienvenue (“welcome” in French) is cheesy because of the words…I have never had a doormat with writing on it.  I like Option #2 a lot too.  Each day this week, I have put a different doormat out to figure out which I like best.  Help!

There is also the option of no doormat…but then I worry about my new wood floors…

Please weigh in by commenting below.  Which doormat would you choose?  What might you add to my front door decor?

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Thank you for all of the nice comments and emails about the COCOCOZY feature on the Architectural Digest website.  You are all too sweet!

Photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

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  1. Such a First world problem, but if you’re worried about the new wood floors, then I’d go the striped one, better chance of getting all the dirt off shoes. The wire one is the lovely est one 😀 Shoes off might be a good idea too…

  2. Funny, I follow your blog religiously but usually don’t leave a comment. Today, however, I have to weigh in. The number 2 mat with the stripes looks the best because it includes the color of your teak bench, the black from your front door and the linear quality makes it consistent with your brand. The first one just doesn’t seem like you and the last one has no punch. However, your mom, sister and TE have the advantage of seeing it in person. That may make a difference. Whichever way you decide to go, your front door looks great. I so enjoy your blog. I am just in awe of everything you accomplish.

    • Hi Cindy! Thank you so much for commenting! Your input is very useful. Mom, sis and TE have not seen in person yet…I just sent them photos. My mom loathed Option 2 for some reason. I, on the other hand, like it. Will look forward to hearing more comments from everyone to decide. I would say that option 3 is very painful to walk on though!!

      Anyhooo…thank you for reading the blog and THANK your for saying something in the comments. I LOVE hearing from you!


  3. love the stripes…but also love #3 as well. I like that the stripes tie in the color of the bench and the color of the trim around the doorway. looks very coordinated! but, I do wish it was a little bigger…

  4. Option 1 looks the best. (though I had doubts about the “cheese” factor, LOL) Option 2 somehow looks too small. And #3 is blah. Gorgeous door/entry no matter the choice, though.

  5. I have only commented once or twice, (though have sent pics of your gorge pillows I stumbled upon in Georgetown) but feel compelled to weigh in on the mats! The first one is magnifique and I never go for the sayings on anything! I would remove the others tout suite. Love, love, love your blog Coco. So happy for you!

  6. There is something about the color of tbe stone and #2 that does not appeal to me. Why would I want a doormat that hurt my feet for #3? I like the crispness of number #1. There is a bit of a cheese factor; however, it also says to the visitor this person is cheerful and welcoming.

  7. I agree with Anonymous (3 above me). While #2 does match nicely with the bench next to the door, it still feels off in contrast to the dark door. Wire one is too cold and it shows that water through it.

    #1 is my vote.

  8. form vs. function weigh in again!

    I love the looks of #1 & #2, but unfortunately options #1 & 2 won’t stay looking very nice for very long once you get stuff wiped on them …believe me I’ve tried! (And the little fibers seem to travel in/off sometimes)

    option #3 is the best long term option, and then shoes off!

    I also have hardwood floors, and I supply my guests with swiss house slippers if they prefer 🙂

    I actually have a more practical commercial mat from costco that is like Velcro on dirt for my everyday use, and a prettier one to put out for a special party look …. best of luck 😉

  9. hi. guess what! I have #2 and it fades… so do all inked door mats! the sun fades them out. I love the way it
    looks though, totally matches the entrance. I do agree with previous writer about size. try a larger one. it may
    complete the entire look.

  10. This makes me smile as I can never make up my mind about these kinds of things and my life feels unsettled until I find the perfect answer (soooooo first world). I’ve changed my mind three times in the five minutes that I’ve been reading and now I think that maybe I agree with Patricia…you should keep looking (the initials strike as cheesy too though!). BTW the reflection in the door almost reveals your identity! Oh and received your acrylic tray in the mail the other day for a friend…super cute, but trying to figure out what type of material is going to be best to slide in easily if you want to trade out bottom?

  11. I’m not a fan of French words written on American door mats — seems pretentious — so I’d nix number one. However, number two is handsome with personality, a winner in my eyes.

  12. I believe foreign words and phrases can sometimes look pretentious. I vote for the stripe. It makes your color scheme sing.

  13. The first doormat is best but that’s just me. I have a more radical suggestion. The door ought to open the other way. I realize you can’t very well reverse it but what do you think? It just feels wrong opening against the wall. Silly me. It is a pretty door. Ann

  14. I’m loving the second one – striped. Like the added element of the brown – in addition to the black and white.

    Let us know what you chose!


  15. Option 1 is bright. Option 2, oddly enough, is the one I’d pass on. Kind of dull to me. But it seems very popular with most everyone else.

  16. Option 1. The new world of French design and decor and soul is opening for you – stepping into your life.
    Out of these three, it shows your soul the best.

    Love from Europe

  17. number 2. It’s the best looking while also actually wiping dirt off of ones shoes. Your instinct about the “Bienvenue” doormat is correct, it is cheesy.

  18. I too have never left a comment, but feel compelled today. #1 is number one. #2 is also striking, but since your Mother loathes it, it’s out. As my Mom would say #3 is neither here nor there, but could be attractive in person. But the first is fun has great presence. The hands down winner! As my rational Sister in Kingston (ON) says, when in doubt, buy them all 🙂 Love what you do, and I thank you for your ideas!!

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