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modern bedroom gray walls fade blue artwork art painting platform bed french doors

One of my favorite documentaries is “Step Into Liquid” – it is a film about surfing.  I don’t surf.  After watching this movie, I wanted to surf.  I saw this documentary late one night on television years and years ago…and was transfixed.  Something so cool about the surf culture and the majesty of the blue ocean.

Anyhooo…long story short…the painting in the bedroom above got me thinking about all of the colors in just one wave…the colors of the surf…it got me thinking about that documentary and seeing those surfers cut through all of the shades of the blue sea.

I took the photo below when TE and I were in Laguna earlier this year.  I was sourcing colors so to speak…looking for a color story and design inspiration in the waves.

Seems I am not the only one inspired by this natural progression of blue…whether dip dyed, ombre, or whatever you might call it…the fade to blue is all over the fashion world and making its way into home furnishings and decor too.

May have to dive in soon (literally and figuratively speaking)…will get back to you on that…

And…fade to blue…

Surf ocean waves California
I took this photo of the surf in Laguna on a cloudy day. (above)
Model Band of Outsiders Summer 2013 fashion
Band of Outsiders – Summer 2013 (above)
Blue and white ombre Tibetan rug
Tibetan rug (above)
Blue and white ombre maxi dress ASOS fashion
Ombre maxi dress in white to blue fade. (above)
Tory Burch logo dip dye blue scarf light blue dark blue
Dip dye blue scarf (above)
Terrian blue and white ombre table runner
Brushstroke table runner (above)
James Perse blue and white striped ombre long sleeve shirt
Long sleeved t-shirt (above)

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  I actually bought this maxi dress pictured here for my vacation…I’m waiting for it to arrive.  Will let you know how it works out!

Photos: Rawlins Calderone; Coco of COCOCOZY;

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