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Copper limited edition Harry Allen piggy bank
moss – Bank in the form of a Pig – $250 no longer available (Limited edition copper version of the iconic Harry Allen designed piggy bank. Holds $10,000 in $1 bills)(above)

I’ve told you the story of my silver pig way back when. I love my Harry Allen Bank in the Form of a Pig…a picture I took of a pig has been my temporary logo for years (question: how long can something exist and still be temporary? huh? hmmm?). My pig sits in my office…glistening and staring at me everyday. I LOVE MY PIG!

So when I saw that there was a copper version of my pig available…I flipped out (in a good way). I was titillated! Enthused! Thrilled! Exhilarated!

I called best of friend AM and said out of breath, “You won’t believe it. Guess what? They’ve made the pig you and I both have in COPPER. I have to have it. Love it.” AM merely replied, “I hate copper.” Hmmm……hmmmm… eyes went half mast.

Anyhoooooo…above is the pig I have been coveting for months. I saw it online at moss. I kept meaning to buy it for months but put it off (procrastinating of course). About two weeks ago, I decided…”it’s time to order my copper pig! Zippity do dah…yay yay yay!”. I went online and found it on the website and tried to order it and nothing happened. In fact it said “This item is no longer available”. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT??? My head began spinning…I started to see colors…my eyes were bugged….WHAAAAAAATTTTTTTT??? NO COPPER PIGS???????? I felt like I was being sucked into an alternate universe.

I decided to take action…the website had to be wrong…there had to be more copper pigs…there just had to be!!!!!!!! So I called the moss store in Soho in New York and said to the lady in a faux cheerful but stressed voice,”I’d like to order the copper pig. You know the Harry Allen one. I’d like it rush delivered. Thank you so much.” In a nonplussed voice and quite blase, the lady said, “We just sold the last pig about a week ago. No more copper pigs. There were only 300 of them. Sorry. We have silver or gold if you want.” Choked up, shocked and tweaked, I manage to eek out, “I want a copper pig. I saw it on your website.” Her response, “That’s still up there? I will have them take it down immediately. Thanks for letting me know.” I hung up the phone.

Needless to say…after the post traumatic stress syndrome subsided, I have accepeted that I am without copper pig. So now, I am trying to make the best of it by talking about copper things (logical…right?)! I had never really thought of copper before the pig but now that I am copper pigless…I did notice some cute copper items here and there in the furniture, lighting, bath, kitchen and decor world! Here they are!

Burnished copper finish iron bistro style dining from Anthropologie
Anthropologie –Redsmith Dining Chair – $198 (Burnished copper finish iron bistro style dining or side chair.)(above)

Copper Moroccan style ottoman from Calypso Home
Photo by Coco of CococozyCalypso Home – Sophie Nova Beignet Leather Pouf in Copper – $2920 – 212-925-6200 (Copper leather Moroccan style ottoman or footstool. 28″D x 12″H)(above)

Copper pendant light from moss
moss – Copper Shade Suspension Light – $495 (Designed by Tom Dixon, 2005. {Polycarbonate dome lined with copper)(above)

Copper freestanding bathtub from Waterworks
Waterworks – Clothilde Freestanding Oval Bathtub – $40,705 (Clothilde pedigree is rooted in the high sloping French cooper tubs of the 19th century but made on a larger scale for today’s bathrooms and baths)(above)

In case you wondered, I am fine. I guess. (Is this pathetic? The fact that there are important things going on in the world and I am squealing and snorting about a pig? (pun intended) I know it is quite maudlin…but welcome to my world…hee hee)

Which of these copper decor finds do you like the best?

I think I am leaning towards the $40,000 bathtub! 🙂


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  1. I’m so sorry you missed out on your pig! I’ve always been a huge fan of copper. I have a faux painted copper ceiling in my kitchen, and I’m drawn to the rich,warm patina. As a redhead, I think I have the copper gene! LOL
    I’d take the bathtub in a hearbeat!

  2. Oh I guess I would have to go with the tub. Oh my gosh it’s so gorgeous! Soaking in that beauty (which would distribute & maintain the warmth evenly, as copper does)would make me forget about the darling pig in a second!
    Hey I did a post a couple of days ago on how I clean all my old copper. That tub would be no problemo! Lisa

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