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Mixed surface living room design by Robson Rak Architects

I like the idea of mixing surfaces…wood, brick, cement, stone, quartz all in one space.  An example of this mixed surface design is in the open floor plan great room of a home in Malvern, Australian (just outside of Melbourne) designed by Robson Rak Architects.  This large modern open floor plan addition was added to the back of a traditional Victorian brick house.

Love the use of the reclaimed wood for the main feature wall, brick fireplace, cement floors, quartz kitchen counters, floor to ceiling glass window walls and more.

In this large living room dining room kitchen open living area, I count at least 7 different types of surfaces for walls, floors and cabinets (1. reclaimed wood wall in living dining; 2. cement floors; 3. white plaster or drywall ceilings; 4. brick fireplace; 5. glass window walls; 6. quartz kitchen island counters; 7. honey colored wood kitchen cabinets).   Can you count more?

It all works together…the old blending with the new to make very modern space.

Modern open plan mixed surface living room by Robson Rak Architects
Mixed surface kitchen and dining room by Robson Rak Architects
Modern kitchen by Robson Rak Architects
Fireplace by Robson Rak Architects

What do you think about mixing surfaces?  How many would you mix in a room?

Happy Monday!



P.S.  Last week was the busiest week of my life I think.  Culminated with me on set of a t.v. show sets until after midnight for two nights.  Fun week at my day job…but meant I felt like I wasn’t able to devote the time to COCOCOZY.  Trying very hard these days to figure out work 1 (day job), work 2 (COCOCOZY), life (my free time with my guy, family and friends, exercise etc) balance.  I feel like I am getting an A at work, a C at COCOCOZY and a B at personal life.  Need to do a better job on all especially COCOCOZY.  Do you have problems finding time to balance everything that you love in your life?

P.P.S.  Just to point out a situation where the P.S. came into play this weekend.  On Sunday, TE and I had planned to drive out to Malibu to pick up some mail, go to the gym, then he would drop me off at the COCOCOZY offices for work and pick me up some 5 hours later.  We ended up in Malibu, we picked up the mail, then we went on a fruit picking expedition at our favorite spot there (will tell you about this later), sat outside at a lovely secret restaurant right on the water and had a lovely very late lunch and a glass of wine while watching the sun go down, and then drove home and made dinner.  Nothing really productive got done…definitely productive as far as relaxation goes!  Getting an A in relaxing too clearly!

Malibu, California
TE took these photos of our Sunday in Malibu (above)


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