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row of peter se carlsson riding boots in a mudroom foyer with checkered floors

So…I’m a boot girl through and through.  The minute it turns to fall, I pull out all of my boots.  I have leather boots, rubber boots, Christian Louboutin patent boots, Wellies, L.L. Bean boots, high boots, low boots, knee high boots, suede boots, casual boots, dressy boots, motorcycle boots, real riding boots and more.  You name the boot and I’ve got it or I’ve thought about getting it.

I have lots of boots but they all are crammed into my tiny closet in my tiny tiny house in the Hollywood Hills.

What I am missing is a proper mudroom.  I want a country house just so I can have a mudroom (by the way…not clear if it is two words or one).   A place to hang coats, bags, purses and most importantly a place to take off boots and shoes before heading inside.  Judging by these photos, it seems that a key design element in mud room style is a good pair or two of well worn boots.

row of boots in a mudrom below kenyan riding helmets hanging on wood plank walls with an animal skin rug

boots in a mudroom foyer with reclaimed wood walls

boots on a store floor in a mudroom with white paneled ceiling

wellies in a rustic mudroom with lanterns

Since we are talking about boots…here are a few stylish options for your mudroom…my favorite of course are the Gucci!

LL Bean Shearling Lined Side Zip Boots
LL Bean – Shearling Lined Side Zip Boots – $239 (Pebble leather and rubber bottom boots )(above)

Hunter Regent Boot
Hunter – Regent Boot – $150 (Rubber glossy black boots)(above)

Gucci Victorian Flat Equestrian Riding Boots
Gucci – Victoria Flat Equestrian Riding Boots – $1495 (Flat black leather tall riding boot)(above)

Happy November! Happy Thursday!


P.S.  My thoughts are still with everyone on the east coast who is dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.  Good friend A.Ro. texted me last night…she lives in NYC and has been out of her apartment for days.  Tonight she said she and her dog have nowhere to go.  She said…”We are all exhausted and lost”.   I almost cried when I read her text.  So early this morning I connected her with best of friend AM…AM had to move her family uptown to her brother’s apartment since she too is out of her downtown Soho place.  AM though kindly offered to have A.Ro. come stay with her.  Learned this morning that A.Ro. may have found a place to stay for the next day or two…so all is fine.  But I feel terrible for them and really terrible for those who have suffered major losses.  I also spoke to best of friend NS who lives in New Jersey…she has spotty cell service, no electricity and few downed trees in her neighborhood…but luckily she, her hubby and kids are safe.  What a week!

Photos: Per se Carlsson; Helen Pe; Country Living; Miles Redd; Simon Brown

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  1. Ahhhh… a woman after my own heart! I too, have a thing for boots (I’ve posted about boots a few times in my own blog) and share in your desire to have a proper mud room! I’ve even got a collection of baby and child sized cowboy boots from my son’s childhood that would be adorable lined up in a row and on display. While I do have the “country home”, a log home- my husband built it prior to our marriage and he didn’t give it a proper entryway or mud room as I would have insisted upon had I been part of the decision-making. Still trying to figure out how to add one…

  2. Good God, $1500 for a pair of boots. I don’t need them that bad. Any on eBay, used? But being an old equestrian myself I do understand the ethos. I recently bought 2 used full cut back Barnesby show saddles on eBay. I not only don’t have a horse, I don’t plan to get one. I am looking for a couple of brass saddle racks to set those saddles on so I can use them to lay claim to an association to riding. One might conjecture that a 77 year old lady would not need that rather thin association, but if so one would be wrong.

    You keep up, that mud room goal, it is a worth while one.

    And keep up your wonderful blog.


  3. Sorry that I am a late entry on this post – just getting back up to speed after Hurricane Sandy.

    I love boots – collect them – drag them out every winter. I have a mud room and am known to hose down muddy boots and dry them in the official mud room. But I especially love the charm of filling an old baking pan with crushed stone, placing it on the front porch and arranging boots on it in a sort of mini mud room. No mud tracked into the house – kids LOVE to pull the boots off on the porch, step into the foyer and begin the process of shedding outer wear as they progress into the kitchen.

    If you do not have a mud room, perhaps you might consider creating your own little mud-boot space on the front porch…

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