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Outdoor patio with blue, green and tan accents
Photo: Russell Sadur Photography

For no apparent reason (except that I have an out-of-town guest coming this weekend and because I promised I would do it…meaning there are apparent reasons …1. fear 2. obligation/duty), I decided to totally revamp my deck this weekend. Way back in January I think…I had promised readers a spring time redecorate of my deck…of course, that did not happen. Well as luck should have it, I decided to redecorate the outdoor space of my little cottage in the Hollywood Hills last weekend…all prompted by the fact that I’ll be having a guest at my house… It is a work in progress but will be done tonight (or tomorrow or the next day…errr…). Hmmm….

Oh…so the point of this story…yes….the point of this story…

So after I had the deck refinished, painted furniture (or had furniture painted…operative word is “had”…other people did it for me), refinished teak furniture (again need to add the word “had” here too), bought fabric, ran back and forth to my upholsterer to have all new pillows made, bought new umbrellas, some new pots, a new outdoor rug and some other stuff…kind of willy nilly decorating…I found an inspiration photo on the interweb last night…after the fact.

The after-the-fact inspiration photo is the one above by photographer Russell Sadur. I kind of like this outdoor dining area. The blues are a little too “light blue” but I like the feel of the alfresco dining vignette. Nothing literal at all will go into my deck…I do have some stripes involved…but I thought this is a nice outdoor space…

Can one do that? Find an inspiration photo after they have already been inspired? Hmmmm… Well “one” may not be able to do that…but I did. Hee hee!

Here is a sneak peek of pictures of some of the planning I have done for my deck decorating…no final before and after reveal yet…just a mishmosh of the ideas to wet your design appetite. The photo above is the after-the-fact inspiration and the photos below are taken by me. The photos below are some of the elements that I’m working with for my deck redecorate.

My deck decor…a work in progress…revealed…

Teak outdoor dining set and a bright blue folding chair
Photo by Coco of Cococozy

Cane print rug
Photo by Coco of Cococozy

Silver Moroccan lantern and a green ceramic Chinese garden stool
Photo by Coco of Cococozy

Swatches of fabric and paint on a teak patio table
Photo by Coco of Cococozy

Will be sharing the final reveal with you later this week or early next after the holiday. Reminder, the above photos are just to wet your appetite…you’ll see what I edited in and edited out and what I painted and what I rethought…

In a nutshell, sorry I’ve been a little behind on posting…I’ve been doing my deck!

P.S. Congratulations to Summer B. from Austin, TX for winning the COCOCOZY FACEBOOK PAGE only giveaway! Check on the Facebook page later today for a few more fab reader bath remodels too.

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  1. i am inviting myself while it’s in progress so i can remember the before and during when you reveal the big after! xo

  2. Oh this is so exciting! Can’t wait to see the final result. Loooove the lamp thingie and the green thingie it’s standing on. Those are technical designer terms, right? Thingies!!

  3. That rug is spectacular! Is it an indoor/outdoor??? I love it! Can’t wait to see it.

  4. What a literal breath of fresh air. Love the colors – so clean and fresh! Can’t wait to see the finished work. May I ask where I can get that outdoor rug? Have a great 4th of July!

  5. Best of luck with your project! It looks amazing and I am inspired yet again! Thank you again for the FB giveaway, I am THRILLED to have won šŸ™‚

  6. Great post!! I understand your motivation. The only time I ever do anything around our house is when we have guests coming. Your sneak peek is intriguing. I think you’re going to have a beautiful outdoor area very soon. Enjoy! Carol

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