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Outdoor living room with stone floor and brick walls

Love everything about this outdoor living room above.  A covered patio with a steel roof, exposed light bulb chandelier, a tall stone fireplace, brick walls, flagstone floor and then all of the simple but cozy furniture details that all feel like they blend with the outdoors.  Wicker chairs, jute rug, wood and metal coffee table, metal lanterns and accents kept to a minimum.

Like this.  Do you…?

If so, here is how you can get this look!

Wicker chair
Wicker chair (above)
Striped Outdoor Pillow
Striped Outdoor Pillow (above)
Braided Jute Rug
Braided Jute Rug (above)
Chalkboard planters
Chalkboard planters (above)
Wood Plank Coffee Table
Wood Plank Coffee Table (above)
Dark Silver Lantern
Dark Silver Lantern (above)
Industrial Chandelier
Industrial Chandelier (above)

Also found this photos of another take on the same look with painted white brick fireplace, wicker furniture, round natural fiber rug and lots of plants and chopped wood stack used as accents.  I like.

Outdoor living room with wicker chairs and jute rug

SHOP THE POST: Wicker Chair// Striped Outdoor Pillow // Braided Jute Rug //  Chalkboard Planting Pots // Potted Euonymus Plant  // Wood Plank Coffee Table // Dark Silver Lantern // Industrial Chandelier

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Thank you readers for all of the nice emails I received on my Father’s Day post.  Warmed my heart to hear stories of your dads!

Photos: Source unknonwn of first photo – please let me know if you know where it is from; Country Living Magazine

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