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Dining room with white table with a marble top holding a vase of pink flowers surrounded by white chairs with wooden legs overlooking a lush garden

Nothing like simple dining room with wonderful garden views.  I like.

When in doubt, the basics always work.  Clean lines, bright cheerful hues, and some pink flowers to finish off the decor.  Doesn’t require much.  Right?

Happy Monday!


P.S. Took this photo yesterday at sunset.  Over looking the water in Santa Monica.  Nice day overall that ended at the beach at sunset with TE.

Sunset in Santa Monica, CA

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  1. I remodeled my kitchen two years ago, Have not found the right table that is worthy of being in my new kitchen, this one is it. Yippee!! Was absolutely thrilled to death when I opened your mail today, thank you so much. Have spent the time since searching with no luck. Do you have or can you find info about this table? Thanks again, so much.

  2. It’s pretty amazing and oh so inspiring! I can’t wait for the Spring to arrive… it’s oh so cold around here!
    And the details are so fresh and colorful!

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