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Living room in the Pacific Palisades with coffered ceiling,  light grey walls, a white fireplace, dueling armchairs, a long grey sofa, dark wood floor and a bright yellow bench

A home in the Pacific Palisades…I think that would work for me. For those of you who are not from Los Angeles, the Pacific Palisades is an area on the west side of town beginning just west of Brentwood around Sunset Boulevard and ending up right at the beach at Pacific Coast Highway. Lots of beautiful homes…it is gorgeous there…quite posh and very family friendly (since I’m not married nor do I have kids (translation = single)… this area does not quite appeal to me…maybe it is because everyone there is up and out of their houses by 7:00a on the weekends with their kids doing stuff…too early for me on a Saturday. I am usually up at that time…but it typically takes me until 9:00-10:30am (uh 11a) to rev up and get out of the door on the weekends! If everyone in the Palisades got up and going at 10-11:30a on the weekends…I would move there…hopefully “Palisadians” are reading this and decide to change their ways so I can relocate to this gorgeous area…please stand by for an update…you may be standing by for a long time…but please stand by…anyhooooooooooooo….).

All this talk about the Pacific Palisades is because apparently this home is located there! Impeccably designed by Kristine Kamenstein owner of Jackson Paige Interiors, this home is an absolute delight. Fresh and modern but with traditional and classic bones. Love it.

Arched foyer in a Pacific Palisades home
An arched doorway in the foyer leads into the home’s luxe living room. (above)

Foyer with a spiral staircase, dark wood floor, Kyle Bunting hide rug and a round table with a flower arrangement and horse head
A Kyle Bunting sewn hide rug makes an impactful design statement in the foyer (above)

Dining room in a Pacific Palisades home with a mural of a flock of birds, dark wood floor, black table surrounded by white upholstered chairs with wood legs and a chandelier
A photograph of a flock of birds is used as a wall mural in the dining room – a great substitute for classic wallpaper! (above)

Den with coffered ceiling, built in bookshelves with windows seats with orange cushions, dark wood floor, a shag rug, two grey square stools with orange polka dots and two leather chairs with a white sofa
As far as color goes, the den is a study in elegant restraint except for the fun pops of electric orange that energize the room. (above)

Living room with coffered ceiling, dark wood floor, a metal and glass trestle table with a striped chair, and a white sofa
A little metal and glass trestle table style desk is perfectly placed against a wall in the family room.(above)

Eat in kitchen with dark countertop and two pendant lights, the breakfast nook has a tulip table and upholstered chairs under a red coral chandelier
Love the red coral like chandelier above the breakfast nook table (above)

Master bathroom with wood floor, half paneled walls, red claw foot tub and bay windows
Wood floors and a red cast iron claw foot tub in the master bath…wonderful! (above)

If I could move into this house, I would adjust my weekend schedule a bit!

Love the yellow upholstered lucite bench in the living room and also love the polished metal pendant lights in the kitchen…if you even care what I like.

Actually, I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you think dear readers…any thoughts?

Happy Thursday (going back to work this morning after a few productive days off)!


P.S. Night has fallen and I just got home from a fab dinner at Jar with JS and was re-reading post…found 1 million and a half typos. Have corrected them some 13-14 hours after publishing!!!!!!!! Yoooohooo readers…please help me out here…tell me if there are typos please (Ruthita hello)…this was a disgrace but here goes the excuses…I was blogging at 6am…bleary eyed…tired…rolled out of bed…barely coherent in the morning as mentioned in post above…I have corrected most of the typos…although there are probably many still in this post…help…it takes a village?…hello?…oh boy…adding to the to do list…watch typos…done…I hope…hee hee!

Photos: Jackson Paige Interiors

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  1. I would LOVE to know the name/brand of the gray paint used throughout this house! We are planning to repaint our home in gray – a perfect neutral backdrop for those pops of color. LOVE, love this shade, please help if you can Coco!


  2. Wow, it is stunning! What an inspirational home! I absolutely love the dark stain on those wood floors against the white walls. Beautiful!
    Lila Ferraro

  3. This is a beautifully done home; perfect balance of chic traditional and modern which makes it both great to look at and I’m sure very comfortable to live in.
    Thanks for posting..I just discovered your blog and as a fellow Angeleno who just bought a home it is a great source of eye candy and inspiration!

  4. I would also love to know the gray paint color. I am about to decorate my nursery for our daughter in a soft gray with a pop of bright yellow on the window treatments. The bright orange is in our other daughter’s nursery and she loves it!

  5. The gray in house reminds me of the color of my kitchen. It is Math Gray by Kelly Moore. I usually love gray and white but today (maybe my mood, maybe the chilly mornings) this house left me feeling cold. I liked the house the other day with the dark brown accents with the gray. Maybe
    it is the lack of rugs.

  6. COLOR UPDATE: Kristine, the designer, got back to me about the color used in the living room. It is Benjamin Moore’s Cement Gray! Hope that helps!

    Thanks again to Kristine for the wonderful interior photos!


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