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Bedroom in Alys Beach with a green upholstered headboard, green and white floral pillows and silver square frames with black and white photos
Photo: Kurt Lischka. (Above: A natural woven bamboo waterfall shade, hunter green upholstered headboard and bed, green and white floral pillows, and brushed silver square picture frames featuring black and white photographs and large white matting all come together to create a stylish and simple bedroom design).

LOVE these two photos of bedrooms from Alys Beach, a luxury planned community in Florida. Alys Beach is host to some of the most beautiful interior and exterior spaces that I have seen – with wonderful communal areas and exquisite high style private homes…all designed to honor the beach setting. Relaxed sophistication.

Alys Beach has been kind enough to give Cococozy an amazing glimpse inside some of the community’s most beautiful homes. The clean and refreshing interiors will hopefully provide some solid inspiration for creating beautiful spaces in your own home.

First up…the bedroom….I like these two design bedrooms because they are bright and happy. Love the white walls with simple color schemes. I think waking up in either of these Alys Beach rooms would make me quite cheery every day!

Bedroom in Alys Beach with a white four poster bed, cornflower blue bedspread, clear glass lamps with white shades and one drawer nightstands
Photo: Kurt Lischka. (Above: Pure white painted walls, a white four poster bed, dusty blue (cornflower) bedspread, clear glass lamps with white shades and simple one-drawer nightstands make for a bright and beachy feeling bedroom.)

TIP: Based on first photo at top of post. Instead of a traditional headboard, use several framed pictures or photographs on the wall behind a bed. Make sure framed art is large enough to make a statement and arranged in a simple pattern that is low enough to align with the top of the bed to cover the same wall space as a headboard. Easy trick which can look like professional interior design style!

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