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White bedroom with large rustic windows, a wood headboard and blue and white floral bedding

Was able to sleep in a bit this Saturday morning. Felt fantastic!  Woke up at 5:15a when my alarm first went off…woke up again at 6:30a thinking it was Friday and I had to go to work…then went back to sleep and all of a sudden it was 8a.  Ahhh…rest!

Love a comfy bed…and I also love waking up to sunlight.

Which of these two light bright bedrooms do you prefer?

modern rustic bedroom with canopy bed, wood floors, a plaid throw and white floor length curtains

So which of these two rooms would you want to wake up in on a Saturday morning?  Do tell.  Are they too bright or just right?

So I’m thinking…I would like to wake up in the room with the canopy bed and take a summer afternoon nap in the little guest room with the big open windows!  Is that a cop out?  Okay…let me pick.  I think I’d chose the first because of the wonderful windows…the bed is a little small but I love the blue and white coverlet.  So I pick #1.  You?

Happy Saturday!


P.S. Check out my COCOCOZY Twitter to see my Friday the 13th good luck and bad lucks!

Photo: Lauren Resen Photography

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  1. Coco I love the blue and white bedroom; however that canopy bed is beautiful!

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    Art by Karen

  2. Coco … I’m with you! I much prefer bedroom number one. I love that pretty coverlet. Those pillowcases with the white trim are exquisite. That window … there are now words! I adore the quaint headboard too. I actually like a twin bed. My granddaughter had one, then my daughter got the bright idea to buy her a queen bed. When did four-year-olds start sleeping in adult-sized beds? Now I don’t enjoy getting in bed with her anymore. There’s too much room. I can’t even find her. Room number 2 doesn’t do much for me. Margie (Court Reporter with style)

  3. I love the blue and white room; the windows, the bedding, etc… But I actually don’t like to wake up in a bright room. I wake up slowly, then open the curtains on the north side of the room, and lie there watching the birds in the little Japanese maple just outside the window. It isn’t until I’m actually up that I can throw open all the drapes to the light!

  4. Yikes, you get up at 5:15 am for work every morning? Please tell me how you do it!! I am not a morning person at all but this year it’s my big resolution to become one, sounds strange but I know I’ll get alot more done if I become a morning person. So what time do you go to bed at night??? Also do you think you could do a post sometime on how you get so much done, love to know how you manage your time so well.
    As for the bedrooms I’d take #2 I love the canopy bed, the white chair and the side table the only thing I’d change are the bed linens they are a bit too bland I’d either go for something with bright colors and contemporary floral pattern or a soft pink look.

    Hope you’re having a fun weekend.


  5. I love the first bedroom. It reminds me of a sleeping porch my grandparents had in Oregon, and we got to sleep out there and wake up looking at a scene just like that…
    Happy Weekend. Hope you got to sleep in Sunday, too!

  6. Love the big windows in #1 but alas, me thinks the windows are bigger than the bed! If I’m gonna be sleeping in on a Saturday, it’s gonna have to be in a bed I can roll around in so, #2 it is for moi.

  7. I like them both, the second is so relaxed and inviting yet the first, there’s something about the bright white and massive windows I’m drawn to. Why do you make us choose;) Nope not gonna do it! I’ll just take them both and the guests will have to decide!!

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