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living room modern orange accents, black and white striped rug, white sectional sofa, white bookcase full of books and french doors
Stripe Type 1 – A bold black and white stripe rug in a modern living room provides lots of visual interest. (above)

I like a nice striped rug in a living space. I think stripes are always a classic. Not all stripes are alike however.

In today’s THIS OR THAT, I bring you 4 living rooms with 4 different stripe rugs on the floor…you decide which of these striped rugs looks best!  Pick your “Stripe Type”!

library with white built in bookshelves, black and white striped rug, velvet wing back armchairs, round wooden table, black wall with white floor length curtains
Stripe Type 2 – A library reading area in a home features built in book shelves, gray velvet upholstered wing back chairs and a black and white rug to finish off the decor. (above)
living room with blue and white striped rug, white couch with navy and bird printed accent pillows, two ottomans with blue trellis acting like side tables, and a woven ottoman coffee table
Stripe Type 3 – A woven ottoman sits atop a blue and white stripe rug in this cozy living room.(above)
den with plaid walls and a striped rug with exposed beams, leather chairs, fireplace with a trumeau mirror on the mantel
Stripe Type 4 – Wide stripes on a dark blue and white rug, plaid walls, worn in leather chairs, and a large stone mantel combine to make a cozy living room in this French home. (above)

I am liking Stripe Type 2 and Stripe Type 4 the best I think.  These flat weave rugs seem to blend well with their respective spaces…also the color and tone soften the bold stripe pattern.

Soooo…which of these Stripe Types do you like best? Do you even like a stripe rug?

Please weigh in on the comments below.

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  Had a lovely dinner at Cecconi’s here in West Hollywood last night.  Had their truffle pizza for the first time.  Can I say awesome?!?  The restaurant is just beautiful in the evening with all of the sparkle lights on the patio.  Check out COCOCOZY Instagram to see the photo I took.

Photos: Bo Bedre; Diane Bergeron; Jean Louis Deniot

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  1. 2 is my favorite, 4 is close behind. You always have such amazing inspiration images. I’m moving to LA in a few months and I literally bookmark images and posts from your blog daily. Thanks for the design inspiration 🙂

  2. I love stripes so I choose them all!!!
    Do you happen to know the source of the stripe type1 photo? I would love to know the artist of the tall framed red, pink and orange piece with the 2 little girls. It’s just fabulous!
    Thanks and love your blog!

  3. I almost didn’t click over to look at these- but I’m so glad I did.
    Love them, love stripes, love the looks.
    Think maybe I need a striped rug now. (And a drink and a hot bath and a new life- but a stripe rug could help!)

  4. I like 2 and 4 best as well. It’s a hard sell to convince my partner that we should go with striped rugs. He doesn’t have the vision to see how awesome they’ll look.

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